5 Cars Branding ‘take Off’ Or Are ‘buried’

These cars have permanently changed public views on manufacturers. While some make the crowd crowd, admire, some 'killed' their brand name names.0: 00/3: 47 namlamborghini namlamborghini countachlamborghinini Countach has completely changed the view of everyone about Brand even though it is not the engine lamborghini that is the first in the middle. The design is like a spaceship with the scissor door right from the launch immediately created an explosion. During the 1980s, the image of this car appeared on many bedroom walls, the dream car of Bao Human

. The design of Lamborghini Countach.Countach was produced from the early 1970s to the early 1990s . For those twenty years, Countach is becoming sharp and outstanding impression
The last version of the 25th anniversary was rated as crazy with a large wind surfing wing, smoking anyone on the road that passed.aston Martin Vantage 2018 before the 2018 Vantage, Aston Martin certainly created Some beautiful cars but on the experience of driving, they are always hitting. The previous vantage had a great form that looked great, but it didn't sport as 911. However, all of this was changed in 2018 when Aston Martin launched their new vantage.aston Martin Vantage 2018. A car has changed the game, changing every review of Aston Martin brand. Suddenly, people began to value more brands and young people began to rush into the agent to find it. This is a car that makes Aston Martin more sporty, or in other words, it is more cool than.Tesla model is being produced until now, Model S is not only a product that changes the game of Tesla, which It also contributes to changing the engine industry. Model S was released in 2009 and was produced in 2012
This is a four-door electric sedan that can create crazy speed.Tesla Model S. It quickly became a selected vehicle by a lot celebrity. Premium images, elegant appearance and positive impact on environment has made it a very highly appreciated product. This is a car that made the name of Tesla and make this brand much more popular. Now almost 10 years passed and this car is still a "big player" in the world of electric tramPontiac Aztek while there are cars that change the brand image in a positive direction, then there is also The cars are called sinners who have "killed" their manufacturers. Aztek is a car like that.Pontiac Aztek. It was rated as a horrifying and truly unforgettable car. Pontiac had difficulty in the past years and their brand image has a decline. However, due to their past in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970, they were still a trademark that was respected until Aztek appeared. Everyone elbicated this car, the public said that this was a mark The brand's decline. Aztek turned Pontiac into a failed brand. International newspapers even wrote that you won't want to be seen dead in this car, it's embarrassing.Rove City Rover, City Rover is also the car that "killed" Rover. Earlier, Rover actually created some kind cars and they were on the right track to regain the same form as before. At that time, one of the great emerging markets is the cheap car market and Rover needs a car that can sell masses to save their brand.Rover City Rover. But City Rover is evaluated It's like a Tata Indica - cheap popular cars from India. It's terrible, and it quickly became a name mentioned many times in the global "car" list. So far, it's still the car that many people can't forget. Hieu (according to Hotcars) Are you owning a poison or super beautiful vehicle? Please share videos, information to motorbike cars according to email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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