5 Certain Accessories Must Be Installed When Buying A New Car

Journey cameras, tire pressure sensors, insulation films ... are all necessary accessories for cars so sometimes buy a new car otherwise it will be regretful.1

. Back sensors, reversing cameras, many cars have been equipped with reversing cameras. However, some cheap cars will not have this equipment and buyers should add. This device is extremely useful in the stopping process, especially in the east roads
Parking, backing into a narrow place will no longer be a worrying challenge for the drivers. New cars who buy a new driver are new, do not have much driving experience on the road, so Equipping reversing cameras is essential, helping to drive can be backward or parked easily, conveniently. Currently, the price of a sensor is quite cheap, only in the price of VND 500,000 is the buyer Owning a 4-eye sensor. The reversing camera is essential, helping to drive back or park easily, conveniently. Camera Journey When you buy "box driver", you need to install a camera. Camera journey helps record images and sounds during the moving vehicle process, this information is quite useful in collision situations or incidents that occur on the road. Besides, some types of cameras are still cruise Ability to identify traffic signs and warners for the driver if the car controls the speed of permission.3. Tire pressure sensor Tire pressure sensor is one of the safety equipment that needs to be equipped on the car when buying a car, if you drive, you can feel the level of danger when the vehicle is moving speed High that tire pressure is suddenly reduced by suddenly. Tire pressure sensor is one of the necessary safety equipment equipped on the car when buying a car on when equipped with a tire pressure sensor, every time the tire has Unusual signs, the sensor will immediately tell you to stop the car again, will not charge your money
4. Film insulation film insulation helps your car (especially new cars) Anti-hot, eye protection, skin, car interior protection effectively, especially when the weather is hot and longer. Heat with an external environment, do not do the environment inside the car to heat up, always cool. At the same time, car interior equipment is not broken due to the impact of heat, ensuring durability and quality when used. Car insulation film will also ensure no heat leakage, avoid heat exit Outside, maintaining the stable temperature inside the insulation carbap also has an effective anti-glare, while still ensuring clear vision, helps drive safely and more comfortably. Make sure not to leak heat, avoid heat exit, maintain a stable temperature inside the car. Besides the anti-heat, the car insulation on cars also helps protect the eye and the skin of the driver. Insulation films are capable of preventing the sources of UV rays, making the skin protected from darkness, aging, cancer ... 5. The protruded mirror is a commonly equipped with a car to help the driver escape the worries when backing up when entering the parking lot. A convex mirror will help when the driver wants to watch the distance and limit the blind space of the vehicle. Easier, faster than situations such as navigation, turning, backing beans ... Since then minimizes risks, improve safety. Usually the angle of the car mirror is only 30-40 degrees. When installing the monitor of the car, the car will expand its view to 90 degrees. The car is the price of 50,000 VND to 200,000 VND / pair. You can buy accessories for cars with convex bridge for stores specializing in internal - foreign cars or e-commerce sites. By Thu Ha, 14 minutes ago

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