5 Extreme Tips ‘or Cough’ With White Sugar

White sugar is considered an inevitable spice used in the housewife's kitchen. But the road is still a lot of unexpected uses that few people know.0: 00/2: 07 southern roads are one indispensable spice in the kitchen every family. They appear in many dishes and drinks. But besides her hard-to-resisting sweetness, the road is still a lot of other uses that few people know from beauty care to the other

. Keep fresh flowers Keep fresh flowers Keep fresh flowers thanks to a mixture of vinegar and sugar is one Family tips or add 3 teaspoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vinegar into every liter of warm water into the flower arrangement. While sugar provides nutrition, vinegar will limit the development of bacteria. Replacing water every day will help the vases of a long-lasting family
The whole body is a great material to make the skin exfoliating mixture. You can create an exfoliating mixture by mixing sugar with oil (reform granules, almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil). Add some vanilla essences or some other oils if you want a scent mixture. After that, gently rub the mixture on the skin and rinse with the water. The deadly effort from the white line is a way to beautify how to work, you can also make a mixture of exfoliation from bananas with sugar. When bananas have too nine irreparable, crush bananas and mix with 3 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Gently rubber the mixture on the skin and rinse with water. A spoonful of roads will help prevent hiccers because sugar particles will fall into irritating esophagus. The nerves in the diaphragm so have to 'reboot' and forget the hiccups. Wound healing for family tips from the effective line is to heal the wound to quickly show the road The ulcers before cleaning and dressing can help kill bacteria
Bacteria need moisture to survive, and the road will withdraw water from wounds. A British study for 6 months has experimented on 21 patients with large wounds that do not recover during normal methods. After using the road, the infections have seemed and less painful. Insects in the garden are very easy to become the prey of the roundworm. To prevent natural roundworms, instead of chemicals, it can sprinkle a grip in the surrounding land. The sugar will increase organic substances, killing microorganisms that turn the soil environment become harsh with roundworms. Thicks on the flow into warm water and apply to stain clothes, then leave it in 1 Clock hours (or longer if the stain is difficult to fade) and then washes like normal, yellow stains will easily be knocked out.Theo Loan Nguyen / VietQ

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