5 Extremely Easy Exercises To Help Her Get Nervous To Get Skinny Shoulders, Charming Bare Backs

Episode The following exercises Helping girlfriends have a charming bareback, satisfying the bold costumes in the summer of 200: 00/1: 24 Nam Binh Thuy Trang wide, lazy movement is also the reason for many sisters I have a thick back, the role of corn meat. These defects will make many people feel hesitant, do not dare to wear sexy costumes. Not only that, her back fat makes a girlfriend sitting wrong posture, which is the cause of humps, shoulder pain and neck. Girls regularly practice the exercises below to have skinny shoulders, charming bare backs, spoiled in the summer sun! Exercise 1: Fold the elbow of both arms and take out, then Swing both hands up and down like a swan is wingingly, repeating at least 30 beates. Also 2: Bring the palms out, bend the elbow into a letter w and push the arm out

. This movement keeps the shoulder orientation and the effect of some of the abdomen. Factory this exercise often to reduce shoulder fat, effective back fat. Episode 3: Keep the upper body straight, spread the two natural hands and stretch the back, then lift the hands back and head up, Hold the upper body straight, do not fold your back, accrue on the stomach and keep it straight
Episode 4: Keep your hand high in front of the chest in a square corner of about 90 degrees, then spread the maximum arm. Holding the lower shoulder, putting pressure on the stomach to the shoulder and back stretched. Episode 5: Lifting your hands up high, one hand holding the elbow of the other hand, and stretching the neck and shoulders, holding for 30 seconds. Page / according to Beauty321

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