5 Extremely Easy-to-house Exercises Hot Youtuber Helps Her Fatty Fat With Abdomen Numbers 11

At home for anti-epidemic, girlfriends can still lose weight, reduce belly fat effectively with these simple exercises.0: 00/1: 55 nu southern menqualfashion Summer has arrived and wearing cloth savings sets will do Revealing excess fat with your fertile round. Step into the age of 20, the metabolic process begins to slow down, muscle volume will also lose their age, fat easily accumulated in the abdomen. If a girlfriend wants to have a slim waist, the abdomen number 11 is like dreaming, please spend 5 minutes a day to practice according to the exercise below.Sun Jin is a Youtuber owns 184 thousand fans

. She is known for a sweet beauty and a slender body. Recently, you have posted a short video "5-minute abdominal exercise every day". In the video, she instructed extremely easy abdominal exercises, helping the fat girl still can still get as expected abdominal muscles
Episode 1: Lying on the ground then using the abdominal muscles From lifting people up, repeating the movement 10 times. When performing this movement, you will feel the abdominal muscles stretching quickly. Episode 2: Stretching 90 degrees straight and enhances, using the power of abdominal muscles slowly rolls the upper body, done 10 times . This movement will be more powerful than the previous movement and the abdominal muscles will use more power, note that the neck is relaxed, otherwise it will be very susceptible. Episode 4: Make the same exercise with with with Exercise 3 but you need to cross your legs when practicing. After 10 times, you change the side. You should change the rhythm, if the abdominal muscles will imbalance.

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