5 Extremely Simple Yoga Exercises Help Girlfriends Get Long Legs Like Italy

Sitting for a long time, less advocacy is the main reason why your feet of your girlfriend and cumulative fats.02: 00/1: 50 years long, long-running, lazy exercise, eating a lot of frying, fried is also raw Make a girlfriend can't get long legs as expected. Here are some simple yoga exercises that directly affect your feet. Episode 1: When preparing, kneel on the ground, two knees wide with shoulders, tighten the hips and keep straight, How can the body and ground squarely corner together. Then inhale to push the body behind, then, when exhaling, push the body forward so that the body is still perpendicular to the ground

. Practice this lesson 20 times before moving over another exercise. The girlfriend should also note this exercise on the hard floor, avoiding episodes in bed. Episode 2: After lying on the floor, slowly lift the legs, put the knees close to the chest
Sebras that, closed their knees into the towel you hold on hand. In the process of practicing, we use two hands to pull towels, and the body on rolls and raised. At this point, your inner thigh muscles will be better practiced. Episode 3: This movement not only helps you have long slim legs but also help improve the status of legs. Change your back, put the towel in the middle of the thigh. When inhaled, we bend their knees and squat down, to actively legs clip towels. When we breathed out, we pulled towels up, stood up straight. Episode 4: First we bend the right leg and raise it, then put the left hand to the knee to create the opposite force with the right leg. After that, lower the right foot and rotate to change the side. Episode 5: Lift the right foot to about 45 degrees and down
Repeat this move 3 times, 20 times each time. These are quite simple exercises that you can take time to practice at home. Remember, want to have long slim legs as you want, you need to take time, effort to practice, but can't be naturally beautiful. BEAUTY321

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