5 Food That Makes The More You Eat Young, 40 Years Old But Look Like A New 20

If you want to fight the aging process, prevent disease do not ignore these foods.0: 00/1: 48 nam nuat nanatrong in the nutritional ingredient of yogurt that contains a lot of benefits Humanization. In addition, yogurt is a large content of essential proteins for the body. For people who wake up every night, they should supplement yogurt for breakfast to be healthy, avoid dark circles on the eyes.How, people are also found in yogurt with good substances for bones and teeth

. Therefore, eat yogurt regularly It will help you stay healthy, long-term children. The green green is considered a food that helps prolong the spring age by green tea with high oxidation. In addition, it does not only help lose weight but also supports slowing the skin aging process
A few studies also indicate, green tea helps protect the body against extremely effective carcinogens. Therefore, you should add green tea to the beverage list so drink every day. Greenhisel helps to fight extremely good aging process, the fruit is rich in potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Regular bananas will help your body healthy and supports weight loss, very good shape. Many ideas said, eating bananas often help keep the mood always happy, youthful and able to prevent the risk of depression. Red bellsHeo Nutrition experts said the red bell peppers contain a lot Vitamin C, it is even higher than citrus, helping to strengthen the body's resistance, prevent many diseases. In addition, this is considered the fruit that contains a high level of antioxidants. According to experts, eating red bell peppers regularly and supplementing nutrients for the body to nurture, take care of skin from deep inside helps you have bright, healthy white skin, prevent aging. Good for the anti-oxidation process of HoiTrong Salmon's nutrients containing large omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps keep your mood fresh, against stressful, fatigue agents. Healthy

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