5-level Players Can Play A Lot Of Current Locations

According to Sportskeeda, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are all stars who can play a lot of positions in the career. In + 00/1: 34 NAMLIONEL MESSI can kick strikers, No. 10 and 9 virtual numbers. "El Puga" often started on the right side of Barcelona's first time. After that Coach Pep Guardiola uses Messi in a virtual number 9 role

. But most of Leo often kicked like some 10.Messi even if playing in every role excelled. With its ability, the Argentine superstar promises to quickly integrate into PSG's gameplay
Messi is likely to act as some 10 under coach Mauricio Pochettino. Winging schools, Cristiano Ronaldo often suffer from enemy players during Man Utd and Real Madrid. Later, CR7 switched to the Chinese position. Coach Zinedine Zidane turned the Portuguese superstar to hunting the table. At Juventus, Ronaldo continued to rotate the two roles above. Ronaldo scored 62 goals after 78 matches with No. 9, and scored 39 goals after 55 matches when kicked as a winger in Juventus shirt. Since moved to Bayern in 2015, Joshua Kimmich confirmed the copy Body is a central defense midfielder and the world-class defender. Initially, Kimich operates mainly on the right of the right but the technique and the ability to pass respectable shadows allows him to transform to stone in the midfield in a smooth way. The German player has the ability to control and hold the way Playing in the middle of the yard, and acting as a ship to both Bayern and Germany
Kimmich has a vision and ability to pass sharp shadows, and always appears at the same time to break the opponent's attacks.Kevin de Bruyne is considered the best creative player in the world today. The flexibility allows De Bruyne to appear in every position on public goods. While the Belgian midfielder usually kicks like a number of 10 in the national team, former Man City, Manuel Pellegrini, who used him in various roles, including left and 9th number 9 midfielder. Under Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne's versatility was raised to a step. 30-year-old players are arranged in the position of attack midfielder, central midfielder, right wing midfielder, left-winger, virtual numbers and backward strikers or households.David Alaba emerges in the defender position Left in Bayern Munich. In recent years, he grows into a world-class midfielder and an excellent central midfielder. Before the 2018/19 season, Alaba mainly played in the position of the defender but then, he formed an Italian partnership relationship with Jerome Boateng in the midfielder.HLV Pep Guardiola in addition to detecting Alaba is available The central midfielder is also used as a central midfielder. The ability to control and pass shadows helps Alaba work well in the middle of the field. To Real Madrid, the 29-year-old player will take over the center-back, replacing Sergio Ramos.Simeone: 'Premier League still or even without Messi, Ronaldo' Chief Atletico Madrid coach said that Lionel Messi left Barca has a great influence on La Liga, but cannot determine the competitiveness of the tournament.

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