5 Measures To Soothe At Home

Here are 5 natural measures that help reduce pain and prevent burn injuries caused by burns instance.02: 00/1: 53 nam boss is one of the most common injuries in the family. Missed to hand on a hot pan or poured hot coffee on the lap is common errors. Light burns can often be treated safely at home, but more serious burns need emergency medical care. Level 1 is considered light because only affecting the external skin is an epidermis

. Such burns can only cause mild pain, redness and swelling. Meanwhile, 2nd degree burns are heavier with burns that can affect the deeper layers of the skin and cause blisters. 3-degree burns can cause damage to all skin layers
Injury due to 4-degree burns can even affect joints and bones. Serious burns should only be treated in the hospital. Most of the cases of level 1 and 2-level burns can be treated at home. Here are some natural remedies for pain relief, preventing infection and healing wounds faster. It is cool, if you have a slight burn, first flourish cool water to burn for about 20 minutes. Avoid using ice pellets to fit into the skin because they can limit blood circulation and hurt the tissue on the skin. It can help you relieve pain. Regular applications can heal burns with burns as well as reduce scars within a few weeks. This kind of miraculous tree can be used to treat both degree 1 and degree burns 2. Directly apply fresh aloe vera gel to the injured skin area
Acetic acetic vinegar can help reduce heat from burns. This sequence also helps prevent infection. However, do not use vinegar directly to the burn. Let's dilute with a little water and use cotton balls to the burn. Tannic Tannic teabag helps reduce heat from burns. Using cool tea bags can soothe irritation and redness ./. Luong Tram / VOV.vn (translation) According to The Healthsite

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