5 Of His Father’s Words Make His Son Hurt, Even Haunting For Their Lifetime

The words of the father have a great weight with their son. You can raise your child with encouragement, concerns and confidence or can hurt your child with judgments, disappointment. Here are 5 sentences of dads that can make boys hurt Deeply.1. I can't do the famous basketball trainer Jim Valvano once said: "My father gave me the biggest gift anyone could donate to others, that's why he trusted me

." Your boys need to know that the child has the ability to need. Never tell you that you think you can't afford to complete something. You can feel your goals are unable to achieve, but If you don't believe in your child, I will never feel like you're good enough
"Please say" I believe in you ".2. I'm not strong enough when I am 13 years old, after his garden There is a pile of stones that need to move. He told his father that he would move them away, but his father responded: "No, they are heavy. Let the brothers do it. I'm not strong enough. "Those words haunted my friend for decades later. If there's something that your son and men never want to be evaluated, it is weak. It was because the father told his son, that sentence would cause a lifetime obsession. Inside: show me the time to express the strength
Encourage your child to determine and congratulate when I can do it. 3. Dad disappointed that I was one of the things my son mentioned with me. My big mistake is poor communication. Since this sentence should be expressed as: "Dad disappointed about the behavior child ". There is a big difference between disappointing your behavior and disappointed about yourself. However, even if we use the word" behavior ", we must also specify that behavior. What. A big problem I encountered (and I think many other dads are too) that I easily show my behavior to make me frustration rather than rewarding my behavior to make me proud of your child. Every time you show your son a shortcoming, please Po out for children 3-5 things I do well or what you love in child.4. Dad is working important, I have to wait for us to don't need to use the word "Important", but it is from us often heard when we refuse me. We choose to prioritize other things before this time In other times, I will feel that you are not important to us. Of course, you don't always need to remove everything for your child, especially when talking to a good wife with your partner. However It should be known that children are important to you. If you regularly reject your child, I will feel the opposite. Thank you: Sometimes stop your work and work with your son like it. Focus on what I am excited to tell you and show enthusiasm.5. If you do ... I did better don't make my son hurt than listen to this parameter immediately after my expression. If I fail, what I need just know that your love Do not rely on your expression. Let's condolences with me, let me know you understand your children and children are not alone. If your child is successful, congratulations to them. More than all, your son wants to be proud. "If ... ..." At this time there is no other effect but a hurt. Things I make you proud and tell me .Theo Giadinhmoi.vn

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