5 Pairs Of Korean Stars Like 2 Drops Of Water Make The Audience Surprised

Strange similarity of the appearance of many Korean stars makes the audience easily confused. / Many Korean artists have the same appearance that many people are confused, even considered as twin. Bae Suzy and actress of love engineers - Jung So Min owns sweet beauty with long wavy hair, bustling lips and big eyes, easy to make the audience think that they are 2 sisters. However, "the country's first love" only a sister named Bae Su Bin and the brother Bae to Moon. "Crazy female" Kim Da Mi and Park So Dam also have a similarity of appearance, eyes and both roofs hair

. Two American women eyes are also marked with acting talents. If Park So Dam becomes a face-sized face after the parasite, Kim Da Mi has a turning point with the ITAewon class. There is no similar face contour, Park Shin Hye and Ryu Hwa Young likes to share Funny photos on Instagram and enjoy playing golf
Kim Woo Bin and Kim Jung Hyun with a highly thin physique, long face, angled, exuding masculine. Appearance 2 Follogogles, in accordance with brand advertising campaigns. Besides, they are even the same when they have to interrupt their careers because of health problems.Lee Ji ah and im Soo Hyang have the same appearance like 2 drops of water. Minh Tinh Lee is participating in the film of the upstream warfare film 3 as Shin Su Ryeon and im Soo Hyang - American female star Gangnam - Prepare to return to small screens with Miss Mom Jane - Remake version of Jane The Virgin ( Virgin). Style kdramastars

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