5 Products Skincare French Girls Use The Last Drop Since The More Smooth Skin, Stretching

Here are 5 Sccare products that are very popular with Favorite French Girls.0: 00/3: 41 Union of the skin of French women's skin is smooth, healthy and extremely manual tension. The French lady Skincare is not too sophisticated, which hits the needs of the skin. The products they believe can be expensive, but the common point is quality, helping to improve good skin. This is the reason, a lot of people are curious about their favorite French skin care products

. Here are 5 Skincare dishes that are used by French girls to the last drop, please refer to! First Kiehl's Midnight Recovery CONCENTRATEN DAIRY OF ESTELLE (21 years old) Spend a lot of compliments for Kiehl's Serum Vial: "After using this serum bottle for more than 1 year, I can't live without you. Because of the air pollution in Paris , my skin occasionally lacks a brightness, brightness, becomes dull and gray. So in the evening, dark wants to use a thin thin skincare to provide moisture, take a radiant look for the skin , And I found this serum
The product has a lightweight texture, easy to use, just applying a few drops is enough. Use this serum when waking up the next morning, my skin looks stretched, Healthy and glow. This product has a slightly high price but worthy, I am using the second vial. "Purchase: Kiehl's Vietnam price: 1,580k2. Bioderma Sensibio H2OJENNI (24 years old) shared that: "The doctor advised the bottle of this page remover for my skin. The product helps the skin be soft, and still maintains moisture. I use the jar This for the morning process, before Makeup. In another way, I can't make up, or apply a day cream if not cleaning the skin with this page remover first. Then in the evening, I continue to use production The product to remove makeup layers (and even without makeup) ". Bioderma's famous embossing water bottle will remove cleanliness, which is still very mild to the skin
Bought: HasakiG price: 355k3. CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT SERUPRY SERURY SERURONY, NO This oil will help erase with dark spots, even color and raise bright skin. Some outstanding components of the serum vial include: viniferine - active ingredients are considered to be more efficient than vitamin C of 62 times in the skin lightening, erasing darkness; Squalane extracted from Olive fruits to moisturize but does not feel heavy, uncomfortable; Biomimetic Emulsifier acts as a catalyst that increases the effectiveness of viniferine's skin tonks. And with each benefit, do not loves to love this anti-aging serum bottle. Buy: Mint07 price: 970k4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum With Chronolux Power Signal technology, this extreme serum bottle will penetrate quickly and deeper to the strong efficiency in eliminating age signs, such as wrinkles, saggy skin Or inferior color. In addition to the ability to rejuvenate the skin, the serum vial has an antioxidant effect to signs of age that does not appear more. "I have" and moisturize up to 72 hours, and strengthen the natural fence of healthy skin. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentr can say that this product is the "national" cream of French girl. With ingredients such as grease butter, beeswax, soy protein, aloe, vials bringing the use of soothing and restoring skin protection fences. After use, your skin will become stretched and soft about both feeling and look. This cream vial is very benign, easy to use, suitable for both the most sensitive skin.

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