5 Reasons Why The Traceability Index Becomes Necessary At Work

'If you want to be respected, you need LQ. So what is LQ? It is the index of love, an index that machines never get ', Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, share.0: 00/3: 12nam live illustration when it comes to the indicators of People, we often listen to IQ (Intelligence Quotient - Smart Index) and EQ (Emotional Quotient - emotional index). Both of these indices are measures to help assess some of the human qualities in the scientific form. However, today there is a new indicator that is noticing in the business world in particular and the world in general, it's the LQ (Love Quotient - Summit index)

.LQ What is the other EQ? EQ is the index Evaluate our perception of emotions and emotional ways affecting communication. LQ is the index on the possibility of expressing our love with herself and with others. The biggest difference is about the level of experience in 2 indicators
The EQ index relates to both physical and intellectuals, and the LQ is related to the heart.5 reasons why LQ is needed in work1. Through compassion, we become people who know how to learn: a good teacher is a teacher who is interested in students properly. Through his business journey, Jack Ma has noticed that a good teacher always expects students to do better. At work too, we cannot expect good results without learning from the best people. The compassion will encourage us to explore, learn and inspire others instead of envoys.2. Through compassion, we listen to others: listening to others is to improve their situation. Listening properly also helps to set the foundation for an effective communication system at work. Employees tend to admire and respect leaders to actually take the time to learn and listen to their employees
Therefore, compassion is an essential element to maintain relationships in workplaces in particular and in life in general. We are most successful when they cross themselves to become a version Better, not only in work but also in life. Artwork3. Through compassion, we know how to respect others and respect themselves: Part of becoming a good leader is to remove me and train humility. Studies have shown that people who know humble leaders often achieve higher performance and quality performance, and have been more loved by employees and respect than difficult bosses. The compassion will arouse our humility naturally. Besides, the compassion also helps us improve the ability to self-assess the ability and teamwork effectively.4. Through compassion, we know honoring their generations of other generations: Many people who go ahead often think that the young class is the people who have grabbed, fast and have a lack of responsibility at work. Meanwhile, a part of the youth when working again see older people than older people, refusing to catch up with the trend and slow the progress of work. When there is a compassion, we will realize that each generation has a different strength and weaknesses, thereby helping them to fully exploit their potential. This not only motivates both itself and developing businesses, but also creates a healthy working environment.5. Through compassion, we learn how to define success: to develop in any field in work, we need to get "people" as the center. It is important to reserve in times of difficulties and find out how to solve the problem effectively. "Success" in work has many evaluation ways but if evaluating with compassion, we will see that it is successful when contributing to a large team. We succeed in learning how to solve previous problems we have never met. We are the most successful when I cross yourself to become a better version, not only in work but also in life.

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