5 Simple Exercises In 5 Minutes Help Girlfriend Get Slim Pencil Legs Like Iu

As a daughter, everyone of us also wishes to get long, slender legs but not everyone can get that luck. In: 00/1: 46 Summer men are the time the time the girls wear a lot Short skirt, shorts more. This makes many girls feel unintentionally because of their slender legs. Meanwhile, many office girls also said that sitting too long will make their lower body accumulate fat, louder their feet look very unsightly. Here are some simple episodes that help girlfriends get long legs like IU! Exercise 1: Lie on your back on the yoga mat, holding two hands and using hips to raise your body and lower

. Breathe evenly and repeat this movement rhythmic. Episode 2: Lift the right foot up 90 degrees higher than the thigh, lift the butt from the ground when and inhaling. Then exhale and return to the original position
Repeat this move with 2 feet alternating in 30 seconds. Episode 3: Keeping aerial butt, enhances 90 degrees right legs, exhaling when lowering people and hitting the footsteps to the ground; Repeat this movement rhythmically. Episode 4: Stretch your hand and hold the right thighs close inside your knees, stretch your legs and pull your legs towards you when inhaling. Then breathed out and lowered the foot, repeating the movement and rotating 2 left legs, right. 5: anti-two hands to the sides, lifting the hips up from the ground when inhaling, raising the right leg to the straight state Then breathed down. Repeat the movement, perform each left foot and right leg for 30 seconds. If you feel too tired, you can take a 30-second stay between the exercises. These are less effortless exercises, for girls "lazy cats". Regularly practicing these exercises, girlfriends will get long, slender legs as expected. Some girlfriends showed that this exercise for 3 days when their feet fell 3cm
Huynh Trang / According to Sundaymore

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