5 Simple Exercises She Just Wants To Lie On The Bed Is Also Done

The following exercises help you keep your shape, healthy without leaving my daily bed.0: 00/1: 30 nam1. Pick up on the bed, then slightly raise the upper body. Lift both legs and perform cycling movements while keeping muscle tension. A stretching leg while the other leg bends his knees

. This episode helps stretch the muscles and burn thigh fats. Perform at least a minute or as long as possible.2
Stone crossing her face on the bed, then slightly lifting the upper part of the body. Lift both legs up and hold straight. After that, cross the legs with the other legs and vice versa. This practice also helps stretch the muscles and firm thighs. Perform at least a minute or as long as possible.3. Stretching and touching the ankles on the bed, then the knee. Stretch your left arm forward and touch the ankles with your left hand, and do the same with the other side. You will feel stretched and the feeling of muscle tension. This exercise will often burn belly fat! Episode for at least a minute or as long as possible
4. Push the body on the bed, then shrink the knee. To the shoulders, heads and hands on the bed, but lift the lower body by using the leg as a fulcrum. Lift up and down and move up and down for at least a minute. You will feel muscle tension and thigh.5. Stretching the ends you perform muscle stretching movements to relax muscles. Lie upright on the bed, then lift your hands and feet up as much as possible. The body forms a curve. This stretching move helps stretch people and legs. According to Ngoc Huyen / Emdep

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