5 Simple Yoga Exercises Help Improve Mental Health During Covid-19

Here are 5 therapeutic yoga postures and easy to practice at home, can bring high efficiency for mental health during the distance interpretation due to Covid-19. From the enhancement of body awareness to work Creating computing and calmness for the spirit, yoga brings many health benefits, even improving someone's mental health as worries and depression. The negative effects of interlaxation are caused by Covid-19, along with insecurity at work and pain when witnessing many patients leaving because the pandemic has affected our mental health. To overcome the effects and protect mental health in this situation, yoga is a suitable therapy for you. Here are 5 simple yoga poses that help you breathe and meditate better, thereby bringing effectiveness for building the spiritual health

. Static Stalemic Illustration. Factory: This is easy posture Yoga's most when you sit with, close your eyes and two hands on your knees. Sit with the toes into the thighs and put your feet side by side while keeping the knee expanding and eyes aiming in meditation posture
Benefits: This is an ideal posture to increase flexibility in hips and Inner thigh muscles. It not only helps to expand the hips, chests and shoulders of practitioners but also extend the spine, improve posture, stretch the face of ankles, strengthen foot muscles, keep the spirit of awake, reduce strain Straight and anxiety and help balance the activities of reproductive organs. Chu Moon Crescent Factory: Starting from "Downward Dog" posture. When breathing out, put your right foot forward and put it in between your two hands, adjust the knees and right heels on a straight line. Lower the left knee to the ground and keep fixing the right knee, sliding your back left until you feel comfortable. Inhale and raise the breasts vertically, bring the arm upwards, parallel to each other or the palm of knitting together. For each breath out, bend deeper into the posture, pressing your pulms to the floor. If possible, turn your head and look up. Benefits: This posture improves your flexibility around your shoulders and neck, helps stretch your hips, thighs and groin, and enhance energy while working Be aware of creating better body posture. Sitting in front of the method: Start with Dandasana (a sitting posture) and put a strap around the feet while holding them by hand if the back was suffered hard
Make sure your knees are slightly curved and stretched straight forward. Then inhaled and expanded your arm straight to the sides and on top, reached the person towards the ceiling while keeping your spine straight. When you exhale and empty the air in your stomach, start moving forward by turning people with hips and putting the part on the lower body. Lower your arms down, use your fingers tighten your toes and try to use the nose to touch your knees. Remember to extend your spine in each inhalation and bend the person forward in each exhalation. Benefit: Although it seems easy, this posture brings countless benefits, especially for For those with high blood pressure and diabetes. Furthermore, it also soothed the body and relaxed the mind, helping blood circulation on the head, thereby helping to relax the spirit and reduce insomnia, depression and anxiety. The bridge of the bridge: lying on his back Two feet stretched straight on the floor, palms placed the thighs. Fold both your knees while holding your legs and hips separated and taking heels near your hips. Inhale and raise your belly and chest by bringing your hips off the floor. Use your hand to support your lower back. Now stretch your legs with the toes towards the front. Keep this position for 10-15 seconds and released. Benefits: The bridge posture does not only strengthen the back, butt but also increases blood circulation, reducing stress and calming the brain. Go to the wall method: Lie upright. Combine both legs and lift them up. It's a bit backward to lift your lower back. Support back by placing the palm on the lower back with the elbow on the ground. Keep two square legs with the floor and the back tilt a corner 45-60⁰ with the floor. Normal breathing. Start with 1 minute and then slowly increase the duration of training to 10 minutes. I use: This posture helps the water move faster from the small intestine to the large intestine, helping to clean the stomach. It is also a great practice to stimulate hormon systems, while allowing you to relax completely mind and body ./. Luong Tram Luong Tram / VOV.vn (translation) according to Hindustantimes

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