5 Stress Relief Exercises For Shoulders, Belts

Along with deep breathing, these movements will release the knots due to physical and mental stress, and bring to the body for the body ... 0: 00/2: 35 Domain The brain was pressed into many things to worry, the body would be affected by. At that time, we felt stressed at the waist, shoulders, even pelvic bones, expression of pain

. That's when you should spend a bit of time for yourself to relax and regain your health. ) Given, will help us gently release the mind stress, especially effective for shoulders and belts.1
Stretching the pelvis - in a leg posture: Left legs came forward, right legs stretched behind.- Lowering the right foot to the floor.- Expanding the arm on the head, lowering the pelvis forward and turned down Floor. The hips remain the same, on the same line. - Keep the posture in 10 deep breaths, then change the side. Relieve waist pain - sit straight, straighten the left leg to the back and set the right foot as close as possible. - Two hands put on both sides of the carpet, straight back, hold the posture in 10 deep breaths, then real is similar to the other party. Open the chest - sit on the heel, feet and knees wide with hips.- Straighten people up. I put my hand back, slowly leaning back and used my hand
- Breathe evenly and keep the posture in 5 breathing rhythms, then return to sit on the heel, holding the back straight and closed her eyes Back in 5 breaths. Exercises help open the chest.4. Relaxing shoulders - sitting on the heel, inhaling and lift your hands on the sky, while exhaling, leaning forward and lowering her forearms to the floor. Hold down the ground. - Keep a 10 breathing position while trying to bring your chest slowly to the floor. Exercises back to themselves - sitting on the heel, expanding their knees and lowering the forehead to the floor, putting his arm forward. - Close his eyes and observe his breath: Imagine that with each inhalation, the back Will open and with each exhalation, the back will close ...- Follow the needs. The training helps to return to yourself. The benefits of the stretching practice for real relaxation: Mechanical Body and mind are closely linked together, when we are stressed, stresses are shown in their minds and both physically. This creates stress accumulation in some parts of the body, preventing us from feeling comfortable. Therefore, to release the body and mind, it is important to affect these local congestions so that energy is circulated and improved health.

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