5 Successful Lessons Of Jeff Bezos Billionaire After 27 Years Of Sticking To Amazon

In interviews, Mr. Bezos often shared his advice and lessons from nearly 27 years as Amazon CEO of Amazon.0: 00/4: 35nam Northern region of Jeff Bezos. Photo: Getty Images. 5/7 day is Jeff Bezos's last day as CEO in Amazon

. He founded Amazon in 1994 with the goal of selling books online, but later became an e-commerce giant with a market value of 1.7 trillion USD. As a result, Jeff Bezos has become the world's richest person with a net asset value of over 200 billion USD
In interviews, Mr. Bezos regularly shares his tips and lessons learned for nearly 27 years As an executive director of Amazon. Here are 5 in many lessons for his life about success. Recognizing the risks "when you think about what you regret it 80 years old, they are likely things You haven't done. You rarely regret what you have done but fails or useless, "Mr. Bezos said in 2018 in an interview. This marriage shaped Mr. Bezos's life even before He founded Amazon. At the age of 30, he worked for D. E
Shaw, a speculative fund in Wall Street. At that time, he noticed the potential of the internet economy in the future and began to have the idea of building a book store online. Bezos's boss agrees that this idea has great potential, but still tries to persuade Jeff Bezos to keep the current job with less risks. "I don't think I will regret what I tried to do But failed. I think if I decide to do nothing, I will always be obsessed, "the richest man in 2018 said. So he chose a non-safe path instead of following his passion and proud of it. I imagine you at the age of 80 to think about life as well as options that you can repent Hate is also good for personal decisions, according to Mr. Bezos. "I not only talk about business related things. It's like, 'I love that person, but I've never told her , 'You know, for 50 years, you're like,' Why don't I tell her? Why don't I pursue her? When you tell your life story, you will not be happy. As a regret in life, "he said. Making out the right decisions quickly BEZOS believes that the key to maintaining a creative business is to make quality decisions quickly. In the letter to Amazon's shareholders in 2015, he once wrote about the importance of rapid speed and qualities in turning Amazon to become a large company and a invention machine. Most decisions he gave was unable to reverse, but some did not, he admitted. "Most decisions can change, reverse, they are two-way doors. In those cases, When you make a decision not to be optimal, you won't have to live with that consequence for a long time. You can re-open the door and turn back, "he bezos said. However, those decisions should be given quickly. Human resources or businesses spend too much time to consider whether to reverse decisions or no risk is evaluated as slow, unaware of risk ..., according to Amazon's former CEO. "All Both my best decision in business and life are given by both enthusiasm, intuition and courage, not analyzing ", the billionaire said in an interview at the club Economic Washington in 2018. The passion of herself took a passion for herself in life was a key in advice that Bezos often gave to young employees as well as his 4 children, taste The billionaire said at the 2018 leader forum. "If you don't choose your passion, your passion will choose you. We all have certain passion and lucky people who can follow Chasing those things, "he said. Ong Bezos pursued his passion for establishing Amazon, but the real passion of his whole life was the universe. "When I was 5 years old, it was a time when Neil Armstrong put his foot on the moon, I started to be passionate about the universe, missiles, missiles and astronauts", he said in 2019. Receiving the round road in 2018 Amazon shareholders, Bezos wrote in part with the title "intuition, curiosity and the strength of the round road". "Walking in business is not a method But it is also not a random thing. It is governed by hunch, bravery, intuition, curiosity and stimulating by deep belief that the final reward is large enough, "he wrote.Theo Mr. Bezos, one of the lessons he learned when building Amazon is successful can come through repetition: Inventing, starting, inventing, starting again ... "path path Coming to success none other than the straight path ".thight 4, in the last letter to the shareholder as the CEO of Amazon, Mr. Bez

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