5 Super Fast Muscle Increase Exercises Without Using Weightlifting You Should Do It Now

What do you want to raise your muscles without hesitating anything without exercising the exercises below? 0: 00/1: 39 Southern nationals1. The most common and safe anti-push resistance is starting in the Plank posture, placing the palm on the floor and to be a little wide, the feet close to each other and stretch the legs. Push the body up and straighten the arm, then lower the body to return to the original position.2. Squats The best way to make Squats movements is to use a chair and straighten up, wide-legged legs and arms placed after the neck, sitting on the chair then pushes through the heel to stand up again

. You can remove the chair and make more advanced variant exercises to build muscles like Prisoner Squats, Sumo Squats, Narrow Squats, a leg squats, Frog Squats.3. Pulling handshack of hand-skinned hands is one of the exercise to increase muscle and biceps
However, only some new people have enough strength to implement this movement. Therefore, you should practice with friends or use support resistance cord until you have the power to perform this movement yourself. You can try different movements like: pulling handbags, pulling a hand, pulling a hand, pulling a handful of one hand.4. The dual-handed handy is a great exercise to build the trice muscle. Just stand near the opposite seat then put the palm on the chair and lower the body as much as possible and then push the body up. You can increase difficulty by bringing my legs away or set foot on a bench.5. Footsteps is a great exercise to build muscles in the lower body. First, you stand up high and step forward with one leg until your legs form a 90 degree angle
The back knee must parallel to the ground and the front knee must not exceed the toes. Learn Huyen - Follow Pinkvilla

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