5 Super Simple Exercises To Help The Body Balance And Healthy

5 Super simple exercises can help you balance your body and mood, improve health.0: 00/1: 47 nam 5 effective exercises for the abdomen area - combined with belly breathing, exercises under This has helped you get a slim waist to help transport the intestine food and strengthen the potted bottom.1. Exercise of the rights to improve health, improve the pole of the right to extreme rights, a gentle exercise form is often described as "meditation in motion" can help elderly people reduce the risk of falling if there is a problem with posture balance. A professional teacher will guide you the accurate, slow movements to improve comprehensive health, improve moods

. The exercise stands on a football foot standing on a legged hand on the back of the chair, lifting one of your legs on the perpendicular, kicking back. The other leg holds straight. Keep the pace within 10 seconds
Repeat 10-15 times and change your feet. Over time, your body will reach equilibrium. When the body's balance is better, you may not even need to use your hands to practice. Foot lift exercises Exercise pouring the body weight on a leg with a foot up a bit to put the body's gravity to the rest. Keep within 30 seconds and change the side 4. Yoga and dancing Yoga cans balance to balance, you need muscles to help you stay firm when standing, walking or in other postures. You may already know that these are your "core muscles". Yoga and dancing columns include stretching and enhanced movements, healthy these muscles. It is best to go to yoga class or dance column under the guidance of professional trainer.5
This toe-style exercise touches the heel of this feet to touch the heels that will be straight line on the floor. You go slowly on this straight line, with this heel to hit the nose. Go about 20 steps. If you need to stick to your hands to keep your balance easier.

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