5 Things Please Don’t Complain About My Mother

Can witness everything that happens in this world, beauty, ugliness, good is evil, all of which are due to God and parents gave you. So please do not sonship complain about this 5 me.Khong complained about the inferiority of each parent has complained because parents say nhieuKhong complain because of complaints from each parent has complained about the delay of the father meKhong complaining parents sick dau0: 00/4: 19Nu domain namdung do things that will cause you later regret, be treated well with their parents and do not say these words. "Okay, okay, I know that, mom really wordy "with parents, the" lengthy "this is a kind of happiness." is there anything there? nothing you? then you hang up nhé! "parents calling also just want to talk, we should know the mind of the parents and do not rush to illustrate may

.Anh Cup. "it's been said before, but she still does not understand, do not ask another mother!" parents just want to say talk to us all. "said mother how many times is not to do, did not then, but just do"
A number of parents did not have the energy to do something, we as anxious parents that stopped him, but do not make parents feel they return n Israel useless. "Parents already obsolete!" Reviews parents can no longer work with us, but we also should not to answer that. "Tell her not cleaning your room, mother see, now things do look and do not see! "We should clean up his room, if not packed well to avoid upsetting to parents." I want to eat something you yourself know, she do not pick up any more! "Parents anxiously looks we return home, all want us meal and delicious, we should understand and fun to receive." You told me not to eat the leftovers of this, why mother not hear you? "lifetime parents are saving habits, very difficult to modify, say parents each food, as little a bit about it." I know of myself consider it, mother do not talk anymore, really annoying. "" These objects I have said is not needed then, she piled here to do? "actually, each mother is a beautiful fairy, they have a skirt very pretty. But when the woman decided to make the mother of a child, when ready to take care of a life given, that person will shed clothes this beautiful and become a normal woman, for life Simplified di.Moi living things heterogeneous world. No one is omnipotent, the parents gave us life, not easy to raise us with his latest effort
Instead of complaining about the parents can not create your own environment and family background as desired, preferably you should work hard to create intelligent hoa.Giao dung.Anh between two generations surely distance, said many parents want is to experience live TV for you, help you, wish you peace of peace. Only those who really love the new you say many words to you, parents will never say many words with a man not related to ho.Cha mother complained about us, just not satisfied us now hour. When we do good enough, they expect us to be good this hon.Ho unexpected for me, could they have much dissatisfaction in life, maybe they are hard at work but the same can not confide in anyone, so they expect us to have good future hon.Khi we age, we naturally very inconvenient to move, never hate the slowness of the parents, because we never could have imagined that they taught us how patiently while we were nho.Neu elderly parents one day, walking is not fast enough anymore, we remember: Cham parental care is the care of our future, given to hospitality thuan.Cha timely matter how busy mother to go, whether day or night, rain and wind, if we constantly sick, they will immediately hang up re all busy to take care of sick ban.Nhung parents, we can do much? Society often appeared the news that children do not take care of the elderly. This has been authenticated by saying: "Lying in bed a long time know the filial or not" .Mong that we all can become caregivers parents conscientiously and hospitality thao.Hay look into her eyes seriously every day, talking with me for a few minutes, not hate, do not complain and always treat parents with a pleasant face, they will live happy smiling with parents phuc.Hay at any time, it is not necessary to spend money to buy, do not borrow one, no need to pay tuition to learn and does not require laborious suc.Nhung in fact, smiling with parents in any Full the scene is not easy dang.Neu job you really love your parents, you should have a pleasant face and smile from your heart so that they feel happy and phuc.Thuy Spirit

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