5 Ways To Fix Errors When Iphone Restarts Continuously

In the process of using the iPhone, there will be some times you encounter the device status suddenly restart. How to fix the problem on? 0: 00/2: 50 namdong in this article, the digital era will guide how to troubleshoot on the iPhone. If you are using the iPad, you only need to do the same.1. Checking the LightningiPhone port will restart if the device is not charged properly

. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is use toothpicks or tweezers to clean up dirt, fiber, hair ..
inside the charging gate. Also, replace the Lightning cable to use with the main charging cable Apple's company. In the case of using a third-party charging cable, make sure it has reached the MFI certificate. Besides, the user should also try another charger. Normally, cheap or fake chargers can cause unstable current intensity and cause the status above.2. IOS update system software (iOS) plays an important role in the general stability of the iPhone. Therefore, if you have long been updated with the software, go to Settings - General (General Settings) - Software Update - Download

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