5 Ways To Relax Healthy After Age 50

The best way to preserve muscles is to make them work. Need to practice gentle and persevering <: 00/2: 11 Nou southern relaxation for backs to be stretched, where a lot of pain, Grégoire recommends to do classic exercises "Round back, hollow back" (cow, cat) post. Very complete, gentle movements help expand the waist muscles, back and muscular muscles (one of the main muscles of the back, responsible for moving, rotating, stabilizing shoulder blades and expanding their heads in the neck) .Memistry: Coordinate hand limbs, hands across shoulder, straight back: Inhaling deep and hollow. Push the butt left and raise your head

. Later, exhaled, the rainbow up, put the pelvis forward and bowed in the middle of the shoulders and stomach. Should be done in 5 minutes. Stretching exercises of the back
The knee reporter is often affected by osteoarthritis, this is an exercise that does not need to enhance the stilts. Sitting on the edge of the chair, straight back, legs on the ground: It's slow, lift a leg horizontally, exhale and lower. Perform interlaced with the rest. Repeat each side about ten times. The exhibition releases the knee.Di transferred this exercises to help relax the same mixed area or withdrawn and easily degraded. IMPORTS: Lie on your back, two hands to along the body: Stretching Straight one legs and make 10 small, gentle round movements. Perform interlaced with the rest. So repeat many times. Think about the neck again, we prioritize the softness, gentle
Nothing must force our bodies, especially for this particularly sensitive area. Doing: stand straight, straight head. Rotate slowly to left and right. Take your time and take a deep breath. Repeated ten times. Then gently lowered her head, turned on her chest and reached out and leaned back. Repeat ten times. Finally, tilting the head to the left, trying to take the ear closer. Keep ten seconds. Then do the same right with the right to soften the neck. Raise shoulder inspiration from yoga and the "Sun" posture, this exercise aims to stretch delta muscles (a variety shape As a triangle covering shoulder joint), muscular and spine. The action: standing upright, the fingers knit together and palms towards the sky: Expanding the spinal as much as possible, as if you are with you Hand on the ceiling. Keep the posture for 10 seconds. Repeated ten times. Thao (Femme Actuelle in May 2021)

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