5 Winter Skincare Errors Make Your Skin Always Dry

Avoiding these 5 Scincare errors, your skin will be greatly improved with a lot of 9: 00/2: 55 male weather weather, the cold winter will make the skin dry and easily peeled. However, sometimes, even your own Skincare can cause dry skin to become more serious. Below is 5 common mistakes when Skincare in winter makes the skin not only dry, but also contribute to speeding up the aging speed, the more you must avoid damage.1. Using excessive cleansers to listen, using strong cleansers is a great way to remove dirt and sludge makeup, sunscreen out of the skin; However, the reality brings backwards

. These types of cleansers are too harsh, especially the type of foaming soap that will actually dry your skin, as the product will wash away natural oil and moisture, causing irritated skin. The more insightful choice of sisters in the winter is a mild cleanser. This product is still effective in cleaning, but protects the moisture and natural oil, does not cause the skin to dry after use but still soft, pleasant
2. Wash the face with overheating water in the cold winter, sisters will tend to wash your face with hot water; And this is a huge mistake, affecting the skin. The high temperature of the water will cause the moisture of the skin to be lost, causing dry skin and even irritation. Instead of using hot water, sisters should only wash their face with warm water so that they do not hurt their skin, but still help their skin feel pleasant. Using moisturizing cream is too thin to winter, many of them continue to use a slight thin cream bottle that he has attached throughout the hot season; And this does not benefit the skin. The mild thin cream formula may not provide enough moisture for the skin, it is easy to "evaporate" in the weather. Therefore, don't use gel or lotion nourishes for the winter instead, please relate with concentrated creams, containing components like ceramide, lipids to supplement moisture, simultaneously maintain Straight, healthy skin throughout the day. And yet, I need to apply a lot of cream with enough morning - evening so that the skin is not missing! 4. Excessive exfoliation of dead skin will help eliminate shaggy skin, peeling, bring smooth and radiant skin sisters to be more smooth and radiant, good osmosis of nutrients from Skincare products. However, if implementing this step with a thick frequency, your skin will have problems
Because, excessive exfoliating can cause irritation and damage to the natural fence, causing the skin to become dry, red and weak. So, avoid excessive exfoliation but only with a moderate frequency of about 2-3 times / week. Besides, sisters should prioritize the product of chemical exfoliation and gel format because these options are gentle with skin rather than bean exfoliating. Using makeup remover or toner containing alcohol removal or toner is easy to lose moisture, causing the skin to dry. Therefore, when shopping for Skincare for the cold season, please read the component board carefully, prioritize the toner jars, unpackage removal without alcohol to remove the risk of dry skin! Photo: Internet

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