5 Yoga Postures Help Enhance Health In The Winter

Along with a healthy lifestyle, maintaining 5K measures, regular yoga habits help increase the body's immunity, helping the body respond to viruses, bacteria, surrounding environmental pollution .... 0:00 / 4: 25 NAMYOGA domain helps reduce stress, improve the flexibility of muscle and joints, strengthen body tightness, enhance the spirit

... when the temperature drops, short day, active virus More positively, our immune system must stretch yourself
Fast often some yoga postures later, combined with breathing exercises, will help reduce stress, reduce cortisol levels, stress hormones Because the adrenal glands produced.Perrine Spanevello, Yoga teacher at Oly Be, France will introduce us 5 yoga movements. Frequently implementing these five movements will help the body find energy, daily vitality, release the breath and enhance the immune system.1. The reverse L's posture helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation - lying on their backs, lifting two legs towards the ceiling. - Thighs and chests create a 90 ° angle. The arm is relaxed along the body. - In this position, close your eyes and extend each breath, stretch the stomach when inhaling, then breathe while exhalation. To have a more relaxing posture, you can lift your legs into the wall. Keeping the posture in 1 to 5 minutes
The benefits of the reverse letter L posture: This posture helps the lymphatic traffic from the foot to the pelvis, air conditioning, improving blood circulation in the legs, simultaneously Stretching stomach and back. Posture of dog face-facing lymphatic circulating from the pelvic bone onto the head - the body is made up of a v letter reverse on both hands and legs, then hook your toes and lift your knees to bring the buttocks and back .- Two hands push the body weight towards the rear and the two legs can fold light, lift the heel up if needed to help you stretch your back. - In this posture, the head is loosened, the eyes toward the legs. Breathe deeply 4 to 5 times, then relax your knees on the carpet. The benefits of the dog posture face face: This posture allows the lymphatic lymphatic from the pelvis on the head, strengthening the strength for the back and pulling muscles Rear relaxation of the legs, improving blood circulation. Does the dog face down the lymphatic circulating.3. Tiger solid posture enhances energy in the body - oneself. Put your hands on both sides of the chest, the elbow approached the chest and shoulder to the back .- When inhaled, resist my hand to lift the body from the floor. You have to keep your nape straight with the spine, put your chin towards your chest. - When exhaling, roll the shoulder behind, far from the tai.- In this position, the two legs still remain the same and the upper part of Feet push on the carpet face. To strengthen strength, keep your arm straight a little more. Keep from 3 to 5 deep breaths. Benefits of cobiles: This posture recovers energy for the entire body, stretching stroke, stimulating thymus, the immune system, strengthening strength for back. Man snake cobra enhances energy.4. Fish posture stimulates thyroid - lying on their backs, two legs shrink and put their feet on the carpet. Then the palm was exposed to the carpet face. - Tighten the elbow near the upper body .- When inhaled, anti-elbow up to raise the head and chest. Then the body's weight rushed to the forearm and legs .- When she exhaled, hit the back and pushed the ribs forward. - Opening my eyes on the ceiling Then let my head come back to the top of the head to touch the carpet. - In this posture, don't overweight the body's weight on the head and relax the head towards the carpet if the nape allows it to do so. Perform this posture in 3 to 5 breaths. The benefits of fish posture: This posture stimulates thyroid glands and immune systems, stretching stroke and diaphragm, and opening the ribs to breathe . Positioning butterflies stretch the ribs and soothe the nervous system - sit on the carpet, put a pads (a long pillow) behind you. The cushion is placed under the back from the lower back to the back. If the pad is not long enough, put it under the shoulder blade to open the rib frame. - Keep this position from 2 to 6 minutes, breathe more deeply. To enhance posture, can open the knee outside and connect two soles together, and / or extend the arm to the sides. The benefits of butterfly posture: this posture helps you can lower energy, looking for the stretch of the deep tissue around the ribs and thymus, but does not affect the muscles and soothe the nervous system. Butterfly stretching the ribs. : Although yoga brings many benefits to the body and mentally, this physical practice is not conducted in case of suspicion of infection. See more videos are being interested in: Huong Thao

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