50-year-old Actor Ever Declared ‘so For Girls Craving’ Up Show Dating To Find A Wife

After losing faith in love, the 50-year-old free actor gave me the opportunity to register for a dating program0: 00/2: 42nam rich namanh and sister mai decided to learn each other in episode 19 chapters The "Frequency of Love Season 3", the rich pink actor caught a lot of attention when he turned 50 still to show dating to find a woman with a common "frequency" with him. The outfit but Mr. Hong is rich impressed by humor, lovely. He said he had experienced a first love at 22 years old. Both love for 3 years but due to the circumstances of pushing their lover "to boat" and others make him rich in losing faith in love

. "Last for girls". Talking about his ideal girlfriend's model, he is honest: "My life is simple, without a color or summoning color. Doing that person care about, caring and respect each other is
In the family should not sound, small because I'm afraid of it. "I am rich, saying this time to see the show like the last chance to find a" bunch "for me. In love5 the woman appearing in the program to confess her own career. Ms. Ngoc Quyen (40 years old), is an entrepreneur, once broke marriage 11 years ago and lives with her 16-year-old son. Sister My Ngoc (41 years old) is doing business at home and has a child. Bich Hop (41 years) is an actor and has never been married. Ms. Minh Phuong (45 years old) trading in the room and living with 3 children . Finally, Ms
Hien Mai (46 years old) to do a cosmetic business online. Most of the guests have ever been married and have children so they care about how rich he thinks about his own childhood child, also As the psychology of his psychology when receiving this. Do not hesitate to the question of the guest, Mr. Hong is rich in happily: "Many times, people say I go to trade 1 in 3 dong. If your girlfriend has children , I will treat it like you I. Not yet sure the intestines are treated with children of others. " The sincere answer of the South major, causing 5 guests to be sympathetic and want to learn more about this man. In interactive games, you are rich and sisters have jumped together a father father and the father Holding this hand helped Ms. Ms. Morning sympathized with this 50-year-old man. I also found myself and Ms. Mai fit each other, there are many similarities and vibrations with the opponent's sweet voice. Both of two vibrations before the opponent's results, the rich have chosen Hien Mai. Ms. Hien Mai shared: "My love has been for a long time but to the end, I still want to find a mate. See you, I also have a feeling of vibration but I came here just because of the bonus ". Hien Mai's confession made him rich in shock, but this man still doesn't give up but tries to persuade:" I There is also feelings for him, why don't you give up a bonus, because it will not be able to buy love and cultivate your love. The bonus to that time will fly ". Before the sincerity of the rich, Hien Mai was touched:" I can put all the bonus to come to you and I accept it. You give me the time to find out me ".

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