50-year-old Man Seems Like Young People

Tristan Lee always has to bring identification papers every time it goes to the street because no one is the true age number of Anh.0: 00/3: 24 namtristan lee (50 years old) is a health, beauty coach in London, Brother. He has its own secret to maintaining a younger look better than the real age.Lee said he continuously had to prove the number of age, as well as bring passport, driving license or even birth certificate everywhere Come. "People don't believe me

. They think I cheated. I participated in meetings and everyone asked that 'Who is this young man'. When I went to the doctor's clinic to get the prescription, they looked Like 'This is for your father'
I used to buy alcohol without the identification of the body, "Lee shared. According to many healthy living habitsTristan Lee said his fresh look is thanks Strict skin care, vegan eating, avoid snacks simultaneously Tiffs.Lee walks outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day. He also has a personal trainer - the trainer with him 3 times / week. This is impressed by a toned shape, 6-piece abdomen at the age of 50. Lee said that maintaining muscle mass, ability Agile to fight aging is the main goal when practicing. Lee does not practice heavy weight, ensuring discipline in movement habits. Tristan Lee used to be a alcoholic. He has over that period. He allowed himself to enjoy a glass of red wine about 5 times a year
However, he has intense love with black coffee and never giving up. Tristan Lee focuses on eating, healthy exercise.Lee pursues a healthy lifestyle based on the health tower model. It is sleep, followed by health, exercise, skin care and stress control. At the top of the tower, it could be the same as a cosmetic injection.Tristan Lee appreciated the clean diet, daily exercise helped him maintain a fresh, healthy appearance. I am very happy, open, freedom. People meet me and say that you are truly young. It is about youthful, happy but in fact, first of all we have to be healthy. What we eat, the way we move and control stress. Because stress is a strong aging agent, not only for the skin but also inside your body ". Skin care for 35 years Lee revealed to have a little wrinkle skin, he had skin care for 35 years since encountering a lot of brown spots in the age of 16.Lee skin care for many years in the appropriate process. "Skin care by basic methods and do it often. I take care of the skin every day for 35 years. I missed 5 days in that time. I can be sick or drunk but still not Forget skin care ".Lee C Pre-frequently apply beauty treatments like microneedling (rolling needle vi points), microdermabrasion (super abrasive, spot skin grinding), microcurrent (stimulating muscle fibers, epidermal texture returns to the board position First or improve skin aging status). "I have a little injection of Botox. If not effective, I will perform more sophisticated Botox. I do not celebrate surgery, "he said.Tristan Lee said:" I take care of facials with really good habits. However, the skin care process is based on my diet. This is the same as the correlation between lotion and medicine. You can apply to the face of a 300-pound moisturizer but if you eat a lot of sugar, drink lots of alcohol and smoking, it is really waste of time. " Sharing about his skin care secret, Tristan Lee said: "I try to use natural skin care products. I tried and found what fits my skin. The ideal Skincare product is odorless because the aroma can irritate the skin. I am a large fan of Hyaluronic Acid. When adding to moisturizing cream, it helps maintain good humidity without making the skin greasy ". What to slow skin aging? Daily diet significantly affects your appearance. Realtristanlee

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