5b Panic Hospital In Binh Duong Came Into Operation

Panus hospital Number of infection 5B has the ability to receive about 500 Covid-19.0: 00 Patients / 1: 26 South Date 21-7, Logistics, Hospital 7A (Military Region 7) Coordinate with the Command The military in Binh Duong province announced the decision to establish a panelial hospital in infection No. 5B.Community facilities fully equipped, ready to receive Covid-19 patients. Photo: KD Battle Hospital Infection No

. 5B, is located at the National Defense-Security-Security Education Center (Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot City). Here is capable of receiving and treating about 500 Covid patients -19 in a mild body, thereby reducing the load for the above hospitals. The Center for Defense Education - Security with living conditions, isolation of F0 objects is relatively good, the room is cool, ensuring the extension The way in the process of isolation F0
At the same time, it is also very convenient to implement infection control measures and prevention and prevention of infection in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Clense-security education center Cool with good conditions to isolate and treat F0. Photo: Kd before that, the first panic hospital in Binh Duong was located at WTC Expo (near the administrative center of Binh Duong Province, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City) officially went into operation with a scale of 1,500 beds . In addition, another panic hospital also with a scale of 1,500 beds placed at the start-up factory of the Eastern International University will go into operation in August. Bong Nguyen Hoang Thao - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Duong and leaders of the military force examine the hospital of 5B infections. Photo: KDTheo Data noted until July 20, Binh Duong has 657 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 4,382 cases. In particular, there are 12 patients who die. Currently, in Binh Duong province, there are 11 Covid-19 patients with 3,033 patients treating.

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