6 Best-selling Skincare Korean, Only From 30k And Easy To Buy In Vietnam

At the same name, the first 6 Skincare dishes are worth it to buy at this time now.0: 00/3: 15 years of the South to make up again, on the end of the year, Allure page announced a list of hot hit cosmetics, The most hunted lover in the past year. Based on the association with e-commerce sites as well as the trend of readers, Allure will give a list of hot hit cosmetics, the most remarkable quality. Recently, Allure has just announced the list of the best-selling Korean cosmetics in the past 2021. Only from 30k, you can be able to take these items, they are even easy to buy cosmetics in Vietnam

.1. Banlana Co Clean It Zerean Cleansing Balm Originaltheo Allure is estimated, with a 3-second removaler this page is sold to the market. This is not too unexpected, by excellent quality that the wax removal of this makeup brings
With a slight wax, tan quickly when applying to the skin, she will quickly take the stubborn Makeup layer as well as dirt of the pores in the pores. The product also contains many ingredients that help soothe skin like glycerin, extract vegetables. Where to buy: Watsons; Price: 549k2. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch Patch with girls with acne skin, easily on acne, you can't ignore Cosrx's crowd acne stickers. Patches include many small stickers with different sizes for you to choose from each acne notes. I will help cleanse the pimples and create a humid environment for a healing wound, limiting your scar or acne. The sticker is quite thin, opaque color is not too revealed. Where to buy: Cosrx; Price: 119k3. Some by Mi Aha-Bha-phase 30 Days Miracle Toner has been released for a long time but Some by Mi's Toner is still the hot item to hit many lovers. I have a AHA-BHA-phase component with papaya extract and hazel water that helps clean deep pores, minimize and limit acne formation
In addition, the product also helps promote cell regeneration, keeping skin always smooth, cool. Where to buy: some by mi; Price: 405k4. Mamonde Rose Flower Lab Essence Sheet Mask This mask has repeatedly on the list of hot-selling cosmetics, the most tested by Allure. The mask has a transparent mask design made of eucalyptus powder, embracing every curve on the face; In addition, he also contains roses, hyaluronic acid and glycerin extracts to help soothe, effectively moisturize skin. BAY: Beauty Garden; Price: 30k5. Mask MediHeal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Mask Add a mask line anymore that you cannot ignore, it is a candidate from MediHeal. This product has a ingredient that contains tea an extract that helps to be anti-inflammatory, minimizes acne effectively. In addition, the product also contains willow bark extract, chrysanthemum, vegetables that help moisturize, soothe the red rash. Where to buy: MediHeal; Price: 49k6. ACWELL LICORICE PH Balancing Essence Misttheo Allure reviews, this is one of the best-selling Korean toners. Product composition contains licorice water, licorice root extract, bamboo and vegetable extract. Therefore, he has just helped moisturizing soothing, whitening skin. Spray toner as a slight thin spray like a sense of comfort, release letter for users. Bought: Watsons; Price: 520k

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