6 Delicious Dishes But Extremely Fast Aging

When it comes to maintaining a young look, food is an extremely important factor. This nutrition supply affects the entire body, most obviously through the skin.0: 00/2: 52 male foods that accelerate the aging process often cause inflammation, resonance with these Leather problems are available. If the desire to maintain a fresh appearance and especially the beautiful young skin, limit the consumption of foods after all the levels. White bread Most bread purchased at the store and the bread furnace training

. The line is the leading agent that causes aging. When your diet consists too much white bread or other sugar-containing foods, even if it is glucose or fructose, your skin becomes less elastic and quickly appears age signs Corporate Mai Mai in the biggest "enemies" of healthy skin are cheese. This dairy product increases the amount of oil produced on the skin, easily causing pores, even leading to acne in both adults
This can explain partly because hormones provided to dairy cows will be available in products that use milk from them. Artificial hormones can cause hormone balance in people consuming cheese from this raw material. However, that doesn't mean that you have to completely remove cheese from the diet. You just need to ignore the products containing many cheese such as pizza or rice / noodles. Besides, when shopping for food, choose cheese made of organic milk, harvesting from cows to be eaten with grass. The indispensable dining of this summer is a doubled "attack" Harmful. Ice cream has both sugar and milk, so for each ice cream, you are putting into the body at the same time 2 components that are easy to cause inflammation. If you like this cool dessert, you can consider eating less or do not use milk to reduce the negative effect.Whey protein is a key component in energy bars and protein powder. Whey protein enhances the ability to produce Hormone IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) causes skin more sebum
Whey protein also disturbs the body's blood sugar, creating inflammation, may appear in the form of skin problems. Natural sweetening of artificial sweetness is not food, but they Frequently used with food and drinks. This is also a factor that loses blood sugar and is likely to cause skin problems. Basically, artificial sweeteners obstruct the ability of microorganisms in the intestine, negatively affecting metabolism and balancing blood sugar. The combination of dietary foods and drinks and artificial sweeteners not only increases the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes, but also causes skin disorders such as acne and redness and skin. Available in processed meats, such as bacon, sausage, cold meat, filled with nitrate. This is an easy factor that causes skin quality to decline quickly because of inflammation and appears of wrinkles. High salt in this food can weaken the production of collagen that is essential to maintain the health of skin, hair, nails and bones.Theo VTV

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