6 Exercises In 2 Weeks Belly And Fat Back Will Be Slim Immediately

Wanting the slim belly and back She is hardworking right away the exercises below.0: 00/2: 03 Nouthern male Episode 1: Folding the front of the folding car forward is the boot movement. First you spread my legs a little wide, fold the knees lightly and press the upper body. Pay attention to keep the body straight and not collect the belt. Then raised his hand and held his head, opened his arms, inhaling, turning to one side and then continuing to return to the beginning and turned to the other side

. Performing three turns, every 20 times. Episode 2: Fold the front and touch the legs to the legs slightly more wide than the shoulder, steam pillow, hold down the back, don't bend back behind. Then stretch straight and expand, bend down, twist when inhaling and when touching
Put the right hand on the left foot and change the side. Make three turns, every 20 times. Episode 3: Superman posture straight back on the ground, use the abdomen as a bearing point, anti-hand and legs to the highest point and hold for 10 seconds. When lifting up must keep the hand and legs straight as possible, notice the same. Performing three turns, every 20 times. Episode 4: Lift the back of the back on the ground first, shrinking the legs upwards and using force on the waist and hips to lift the legs upwards. Pay attention to the abdomen and body on the earth, not moving. This exercise not only affects the second round but also acts on the front and back of the thighs. Perform three turns, every 20 times. Episode 5: Lying and turning your left and right hand on the ground, using the belly's force to raise the entire part of the body
Stretch your hand and put your hands on either side. Then swing all the upper body back and forth. Pay attention to the abdomen and do not move. This exercise has just affected the abdomen and backs that have just affected the thigh before and after. Make three turns, every 20 times. Episode 6: Quay people go left and must expand your hands to perform plank movements. Next, hold two hands straight and turn the person left and right. This exercise will affect the abdomen and hips. Make three turns, every 30 times. Finally, stretch and relax the muscles according to the cat's posture. Each movement can maintain for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Huyen - According to Beauty321

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