6 Good Skin Problems In Winter, You Need To Pay Attention To The Best Skin Care

Never subjectively neglecting do not take care of the skin carefully in the cold season, here are 6 skin problems or meet winter.0: 00/2: 16 men's skin care winter not only facing a problem Especially dry skin, but the reality demonstrates the opposite. The weather moved from heat to dryness can cause skin irritation, blushing, red rash. Never subjectively ignoring the skin carefully in the cold season. Here are 6 skin problems or winter meetings and how to solve them

.1. Blushing, dry rash is one of the main causes of blushing in the cold season. You will think about cleaning products containing BHA, AHA
.. to improve the skin surface, but these products are quite "heavy". You should vibrate with a benchful cleanser bottle, dedicated product lines for sensitive skin. Color dull skin, poorly think that sensitive skin will stop all products that contain active ingredients to exfate. To resolve colored dull skin, down the cardboard caused by dead cells accumulated on the skin surface, the product containing the derivative has the same effect but benign, more friendly is the perfect suggestion. They will help you clean up the dead cells but still very calm, smoothly. Illustration.3. Brown spots often show a lot of brown spots and feel confused about this, but in fact the cold season, the sun is no longer fierce, this situation decreases, so brown spots will show
4. This season is also this season to be considered as a school war, especially when you allow yourself to eat pastries, but this is also a cause of acne because they stimulate hormones. , causing pores athletic.5. Dry skin The most popular in the cold season is nothing but dry skin. Our skin cannot be self-contained with weather. You choose the product that does not only provide abundant nutrients to nurture the skin but also with soothing properties, which is essential at this time. In order for the maximum heat cream, you should take advantage of the face to wash your face, the face is still slightly moist to apply serum and cream now. The chapping lips are most important when cracked lips are not taken or licked. That's why you need liposity. This is the savior for you winter thanks to the possibility of immediate water supply, resolving flaking, cracking efficiency, and also provides large amounts of vitamins for pink, healthy lips, you can shop for a lot to use Through the cold season is too "Okinla" always. Good and beautiful

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