6 Mistakes Of Women Make Men Get More And More

Here are the main mistakes Many women have can make men away from them.0: 00/1: 57 nam1. Excessive analysis All his words women often seek guarantee in love. They want their man to tell them he loves them for any reason and when. Female also often looks for clues, meaning about men's love in every sentence from

. And men definitely don't like to be with a person who is always analyzed and deduced excessively about himself.2. Always neglected by a person who always spread negative energy not only makes you tired but also hurt
Men can only help your other half come to a certain extent, but always in the air Extreme can make them depressed, down the spirit.When he won't want to spend a lot of time with that woman and dodge them when their mood is not good.3. Turning him into the most important personality that exceeds any relationship. A strong, strong relationship is that two people have their own and present life together to make each other happier. But men don't like to become the center of attention or important in life The other half that everything only revolves around him.4. The story of the baby torn out to the most dislike is dealing with drama and emotional manipulation. The irrational requirements and the cause of the story only make the situation worse. Many women often "stories torn big" to attract the attention of men without knowing that it only pushes him further
5. Expect he knows everything is a common mistake that women cannot conquer the hearts of men. Looking for the opponent to read his thoughts is absurd. Men are not good people in this. The enemy request must know what they are thinking to make men react and leave them. Planning to let him commit to lose the current moment by always thinking too much about the future. They expect their men to commit as soon as possible. So they try to set goals for their men making him feel pressured and cannot enjoy life at the time Currently.Theo giadinhmoi

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