6 Most Famous Horror Legends In Asia

Asia is known for their recipes in spiritual culture, and 6 horror folk legends below may be able to do anyone with snails.0: 00/7: 37 namcon people who are always attractive By supernatural stories. Horror legends from the Asian countries below contribute to attracting visitors to learn about folklore there.Pontianak - Soul in the illustration of the Indonesian folklore. The souls, the most famous is Pontianak (or Kuntianak)

. It is a ghost ghost haunting in the minds of the people of the swamps. In Southeast Asia cultures, the swamp is considered a strange place, where the souls in nature reside and make humans Need to abstain. Legend said that the western region of Kalimantan, the intersection of the Kapuas River and Landak, was haunted by Pontianak
They often appear with white clothes, long hair and hug the baby in hand.Pontianak is a revenge soul shaped a beautiful woman hunting men, children and harmless souls. Pontianak is said to be a woman's soul that dies when giving birth or dies in a terrible way, is one of the most powerful and fearful souls in Indonesia, Malaysia folklore. This type of ghost often seduces men, killing them with claws and eating organ. The central character of many horror films Indonesia and Malaysia, Pontianak's monks are always a nightmare for many people. Folk argues that the scent of drying laundry will attract Pontianak, so many Malaysians do not leave the laundry overnight. These shiny souls can use black magic, their presence is usually reported by aroma like a flower, or the smell of rotting meat. Cuxg spammers think that Pontianak can be tamed to become The wife is good, beautiful, by plugging a nail into the hole behind her neck. However, men need to ask her to sign marriage money to ensure keeping their organs in case of farewell Pishachas - Meat vampire is a vampire, pishachas in mythology Hindu (India) is said to eat meat of both lives and dead people. They especially like to eat pregnant women
Pishachas describes having human-like shapes with red red eyes and floating tendons throughout the body. They refuse cremation areas, burial areas, abandoned houses and where horrified murders occurred. In modern times, they are supposed to normally renders dance and night clubs, sucking negative energy in the place is considered dangerous and desirable. This is where they can search for vulnerable people. Be ancient souls living with the sky, the Pishachas have their own language called Paisá̄ci. They are supposed to own mysterious abilities to become invisible, transformed and chemified into any form as desired. This ancient and artistic souls can occupy the mind, causing the obsessed people to have negative thoughts and behaviors, nurturing violence. Suffering arising from there, can make people possessed crazy. Space to think that special spells need to dispel the souls filled with this couple. To keep the pishachas full enough and stay away from themselves, humans often pay the object in a number of certain religious festivals. The family of them promised to be one of the most famous ghost stories in Saigon, talking about ghosts of a young girl wandering on the corridor of Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Art (Deputy Duc Chinh Street, District 1) .Quay returned to the 30th century ago, when the trio of the building was first built , this is the residence of the Baby Baby, an extremely rich real estate tycoon is said to own about 20,000 real estate in the city. The main building used to be the mansion of their families, rumored to have the ghost of their daughter who promised to haunt. The folk telling that this girl was sick and imprisoned in a bedroom on the upper floor. At that time, the disease was terrible to make people afraid. To keep it possible, the family decided to cover it by announcing that the girl died of a mysterious disease and the public funeral organization. Meanwhile, the girl's daughter promised to live and locked in the room, daily meals were taken through the slot under the door. Family locked her for years until loneliness and suffering made her insist and ended my life. Many versions of this folk story say that the girl has hanged itself, while another version Tell her to burn himself. Since then, many people say they have seen a spooky shadow of a woman roaming in the corridors of the building and heard someone crying in late night.Ma Phae Wah - the death of death with people Myanmar, Ma Phae Wah is an omen of death, like British or Banshee's black dog of Ireland. This is one of the forms that exist supernatural that Myanmar is so nat. The concept of it is the mixing between the spiritual beliefs of local and Hinduism, Buddhism.

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