6 Note When Treating Scarring After Acne If You Want Skin To Be Color Quickly

Whether to choose which method or whether the process needs to know the following of the following: 00/4: 35 Southern skin care has gradually become one of the daily necessities, plus the progress of the public Turmeric, a young, smooth and radiant skin is not too difficult. However, no matter how much improvements, acne and scars are always a problem of people's headaches. (Source: Internet) Acne treatment (mainly acne) is often divided into 2 stages : Treatment of acne and deep treatment, scarring after acne. After treating all acne, you need to remove severe scars. Depending on the type of skin and severity of scars, there are many acne removal treatments

. Acne scars can be difficult to handle and remove, but with the support of modern methods, such as acne scars treatments, you can still bring smooth and non-scarred skin. Some of the most common processes include spot leather grinding, skin peeling with chemicals, micro needles with PRP, skin filling and laser treatment for acne scars. But no matter what method apply, you need to note Things should and should not be below before entering the treating scarring stage after acne
The jobs should be common, the treatment of acne scars is safe and effective. To make the results more promising, these are things you can do before conducting the procedure.1. Listening to careful instructions on any tricks, whether it can be medical, surgical or aesthetic purposes, you need to carefully listen and trust your doctor's guidance. In this way, the process will bring the best results. The doctor will guide in detail before performing the presentation or before each treatment. Adjusting your lifestyle before starting treatment (Source: Internet) Treatment of laser acne removal is an important step in brightening and blurred scarring after acne. Before treatment, you need to adjust a few things in daily life lifestyle to promote treatment and achieve the highest efficiency after finishing treatment. Normally, dermatologists recommend The therapist should quit at least two weeks before treatment (for those with smoking habits). The nature of regular smoking will also make the skin become more dark, the bruises will be so dark; Besides, cigarettes also slow down the healing process on the skin
Added in, some skin care products containing glycolic acid or retinoids are also recommended to stop using if you decide to make any thing Leather treatment. These substances are likely to exfoliate on the deep, intangible layers will make the skin more sensitive to treatment. You need to stop using at least 2 to 4 weeks.3. A healthy diet for the best skin status before acne removal treatment, dark scars, it is important to enhance your health at the optimal level. This way, you will recover faster and your skin will always be maintained in the best state. This is true even if you don't treat any problems on the skin. (Source: Internet) A vegetable and fruit diet is always recommended. Especially bulbs like carrots, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, berries, salmon and some nuts. In addition, don't forget to add 1.5 - 2 liters of water to your body every day. Things should not be done before treating scars of scars so that the treatment takes place effectively, you also need to know you need Avoid what.1. Do not use drugs that can slow down the healing process Fully remove dark scars that affect the skin directly, it can cause some lesions to promote the skin cell refresh process but not causing pain. These lesions must be healed properly to avoid further scars. (Source: Interenet) Dermatologists recommends to stop taking aspirin, vitamin E and non-prescribed drugs as well as other supplements Can slow the healing process. Aspirin and NSAID (ibuprofen, naproxen, Advil), should stop about a week before starting treatment because it reduces production of 12-HHT, created during clotting and needed in healing skin.2 . Do not let sunburned skin (source: Internet) sunscreen is very important before and after the treatment of dark scars. If your skin encounters sunburn, dermatologists will refuse treatment immediately. Because sunburn can cause skin burn or change skin color during treatment (especially with laser method). Make sure your skin is in the best status before treating to achieve the best results. Also, after the course, you must continue to protect the skin from the sun until a healing . It is required to equip wide spectrum sunscreen products, with SPF from 30-50 and avoid direct sunlight.3. Do not rush to treat acne or dark scarring after acne is a long journey and need you to be very patient to achieve the best performance. Prepare for the skin Best conditions before and after treatment. H

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