6 Nutritious Delicious Vitamins Instead Of Dinner, Helping Skin Sisters Beautiful, Fast Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight but the skin is still beautiful, don't ignore 6 delicious, easy-to-use vitamins! 0:00 / 2: 24 nam1. Vathematical banana banana mango factor material: 2 bananas, 1 cheek mango, 1 teaspoon split seeds, 1 box of low sugar yogurt. Make: cut mango and banana and put into a blender with 1 milk box Little sugar, 1 teaspoon of split seeds, puree is done. Oat smoothies, raw rice lovers: 4 tablespoons of flat rolling oats, 20gr sticky rice, 1 box of low sugar yogurt, 200ml Pure grain milk (or water filter), 1 teaspoon of split seeds. Oat sticky rice is made: Rinse sticky rice and put into blender, puree and the remaining materials are complete

. Velliginal peaches and oats: 1 cup of peach cuts (can use frozen peach if you like) 1 box yogurt no sugar smoothen1 oat1 cup of almond milk dugliter Pureed all materials.4. Celery vitamin, green apple, material: 2 kinds of celery types moderate
1 green apple.150ml fresh milk without sugar. Prefix green apple making: put into blender, puree all ingredients . Note, this weight loss vitamin formula has a common component of celery, not suitable for those who have skin diseases, pregnancy or low blood pressure.5. Pineapple vitamins, cucumber and rice handweed: 2 Pineapple slices1 Cucumber1 Grasping sticky fruit with pineapple, cucumber and sticky rice to do: Add to blender, puree all raw materials. This vitamin contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, containing less calories, so it is suitable for weight loss. Drink this smoothie in the morning and take 3 times a week to achieve the best weight loss effect.6. Green bean vitamins and silver leaves Materials40 grams of whole green beans shells with silver leaves for welding green beans and mint leaves make processing of weight loss smoothies from green beans and mint leaves is simple
First you clean green beans with water and soak with filtered water for even green beans. Mint leaves you wash and drain. Step Finally you give all green beans hatched evenly and a mint leaf with a little filtered water into a pureer to mix the ingredients together. Reduce the method of using the use of fresh fresh vegetables Safety is how you add vitamins and minerals to the body. Maintaining this method for a long time, you will get fresh skin and a balanced physique. Learn English (General) Photo: Collectibles

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