6 Quality Your Future Husband Should Yes

Love and understanding, believing are the foundation of marriage. Here are the qualities you need to identify in your future husband.0: 00/2: 15 nam1. Honesty is a qualit that is often underestimated, but has a very important meaning in marriage. Your future husband needs to be honest with you but with yourself

. I have to know the limitations of I, my failures along with my strengths.2. How does that respectfully behave with the waiter when he spills the water to the table? It is the best test to know how he is the person
His attitude with the claim you will show the manner, respect for your knowledge. If he can't correct Weight of those who are less than I finally, you will also realize he doesn't respect you, your parents or anyone else.3. Checking mental health You have to check if he has emotional stability or not, such as depression, a serious problem Needing expert help. Make sure his parents are not Hide his serious conditions, such as bipolar disorder.4. Discussing the children This is one of the important discussions but often ignored by people. Not everyone wants to have children, please share it clearly and ask his opinion. In case both you want Having children, exchanges you planned to give birth, if you can't have children, what is the backup plan, are ready to take adoption, .
. Let's discuss these things first When planning to work for a lifetime 5. Patiently to listen to his patience level, see if he listened or not attention to his actions. Does he hold their hands tightly, shake their feet when you start talking? Does he look at you, have their hands in front of your chest. The body lines say a lot about a person. He should pay attention to you and the body language should express calm.6. Chat to know his level of wisdom, chat about different topics. Check out his extra readiness level, and make sure he's not the type "frog sitting well" Does that love to travel? How is his cooking skills? In addition to making money, what are he passion? What are you two the same, what do you like, what do you think of two people? Let him say and listen to his share. According to Giadinhmoi

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