6 Simple Principles In The Morning Help You Start A Great New Day

Here are the 6 principles of practice in the morning that Dr. Ayurveda shared to help you have a new day full of vibrant.0: 00/1: 50 South Ayurveda Geeta Vara (a Hindu Medicine System The tradition of Indians) said in the morning (especially in the summer) is the time starting early, cleaning, energizing the body and stimulating the spirit, starting and preparing for the day New. Starting the new day in a positive way and practicing some certain living habits to energize for your morning play a very important role. According to Ayurveda, there are 6 morning activities considered necessary to live a healthy life

. These methods are called "dinacharya - daily mode" to help clean the body from within, while providing a lot of energy needed. Lilifies, bladder and any other parts like ears, The nose and mouth contain poison that accumulates overnight. If all the residues accumulating in the body after a long night will help the body purify and receive a new day's operating process
Therefore, going to the toilet early in the early morning when he woke up was really necessary. Create a slightly tongue to clean the tongue. This should also be made in combination with oil mouthwash. Massage massage everyday is essential, not luxury. Can massage with oil or body brush. This will increase blood circulation in the body, and help prevent injury. Exercise exercise in the morning. Any kind of exercises also help activities. It is important that you use your energy properly. Surya Namaskar ("Sun Hello" - The simple yoga exercise in the morning) is a perfect beginning
Breathable breathing and meditation Beeta Vara also referring to the removal of subtle toxins through the breath, Mind the mind and emotions (there are specific yoga practices dedicated to this time) .The Herbs Remove all toxins in the digestive system and enhance energy for your body with regular tea, lemon tea , Ginger tea or even tea is ./. Luong Tram Luong / VOV.vn (translation) According to Indian Express

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