6 Stretch Exercises For People Sitting A Lot

Sitting a place for a long time can cause you to get muscle aches, hunchback and susceptible to many dangerous health problems: 00/2: 46 Southern region for the door: according to CNN, pull moves This stretch helps reduce chest muscles and the front of the shoulder due to sitting for a long time. How to do it: stand inside the door frame (or next to the wall), put the forearm on the door frame with a 90 degree elbow. The upper arm is parallel to the floor. Keep the arms, orient the body forward until you feel stretched in front of your chest. Keep the posture in 3 sighs and deep, then repeat with the other hand

. Photo: acefitness.plank: When you sit too much, it is important that you relax the entire body and strengthen muscle effect. Plank posture can firm muscles inside such as abdominal muscles, back muscles and ribs
It also prevents hunchback effectively. How to do it: Implement with push posture but exposure to the background with elbow. Tighten the abdominal muscles so that keep the posture with the maximum straight back, loosen the neck and spine. Newly practiced people should keep posture for 30 seconds later ascending time. Photo: WellGood. Based on the wall (Wall Angels): This exercise works to strengthen the back muscles to prevent humps, reduce muscle pain due to sitting. How to do it: Lie on your back on the floor or lean against the wall, put or hand to the side to the elbow at 90 degrees, the palms face up. Keep the original posture for the elbow, the hand and back of the floor / wall, especially the waist area. Stretching the highest possible and maintains a posture for 5 seconds. Slowly collect hands on the original position and repeat
Photo: Exerciseright.The bridge: This posture increases the strength for diaphragm, core muscles and buttocks, and brings flexibility for chest, abdomen and shoulders. How to do it: Lie on your back, fold 2 feet with your foot on the floor. Tighten buttocks and abdominal muscles before pushing people up. Lift your hips highs so that form a straight line from the knee to the shoulder. Repeat the movement in 5 deep and long breathing. Photo: Blogspot.Thu warriors: This movement helps to stretch the hips and waist muscles suppressed due to so much sitting. How to do it: Place your left hand into a chair or a table, move the right leg to the back, the left leg is slightly slack. Inhale and lift the right arm through the head. After that, exhaled simultaneously to fold the left. Always keep your back straight when done. Keep posture in 3 long and deep sighs. Repeat with the other side. Photo: CNN. At a single-leg bridge: This exercise focuses on the maximum of buttocks, stilts, effective hip muscles after sitting time for too long. How to do it: Lie upright, fold your feet with your foot on the floor. Straighten 2 hands to 2 sides of the floor. Lift the left leg to the ceiling at the ceiling, holding straight legs. Slowly raise hips, buttocks and backs up from the ground, the weight focuses on the right foot. Then slowly lowered my back, still holding my left leg straight. Repeat 12 times, then change your legs. Photo: Verywellfit.Phuong Mai

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