6 Types Of Costumes Make Sisters Like … Plus Age

When choosing the dress, you should avoid some of the following because it can make the appearance older than age: 00/2: 12 nam1. Do not pay attention to the ratio of everyone who likes a comfortable style, so it usually wears a wide range of things but it makes the look look lucky and old. Best, sisters should choose items that fit and pay attention to the costume ratio. For example: Wide pants should wear the same shape, skinny pants should be mixed with wide shape, wide-shaped robes should wear with sets .

.. 2. Combining exorcist accessories The color combination of co-color accessories is also the reason why you look at the age
Not necessarily a blue dress must be mixed with blue shoes and bags. This makes you "bronze" on costumes. Sisters can coordinate with neutral-colored accessories like Beige, White to enhance the prominence of Austrian dresses.3. Don't wear a waistbands that make you look very cool and shape like fat. Therefore, the girls always have a few minimalist belts in the cabinet like black, brown. They will create a highlight at the 2nd round and help you look fresh, slimmer. Italy, the waist should choose the type of version while wearing with pants and can wear a large version when mixed with lagoon.4. It is always a classic style, so it will make it very obsolete and old and old-fashioned
Choose the basic items of modern times such as high scorpion jeans, simple shirts, pointed high heels ... Some modern dresses should wear as a letter A, pencil dress, cocktail dress. .5. Although it is too flashy about the colors and motifs that will make you look not fond of ages. Seothee the types of sesame pants but instead are simple jeans or trousers, a gentle color priority skirt like Pink Pastel, Green Tianhe ... the principle of an elegant girl is a sesame color. Prioritize Basic items but still. In addition, she should coordinate accessories like necklace, piece metal bracelet to add stylish.6. Wearing the old glasses made you look old before the age is the thick plastic glass, large metal eyeglasses. So stay away from these glasses. The best choice is the glass of moderate lenses and suitable shapes face. For example, if you have a round face, wear a square glass; If there are long facial style with cat eye glasses ... Vy Anh

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