6 Types Of Underground Footwear Harmful To Health, Every Girl Has A Few Couples

You will have to unexpectedly knowing 6 types of shoes that are harmful to this health.0: 00/1: 52 south of the South, we walk an average of 245-292 km per year. If you don't want to devastate your feet, you should choose the type of good quality shoes.00: 00/01: 051. Pointed shoes are too strained with spearless shoes that will make people with big feet uncomfortable

. They are too tight, so it will cause a lot of pressure on your toes. They can hurt nerves and blisters. Cardboard slippers Deflection of tongs is a popular choice in the summer
But this fragile sandals brings more disastries than you think. First of all, they rub between the toes and causing skin damage. In addition, walking slippers at walking will make you faster than 3. High heels that hurt the nypan nerves regularly can make you sprained, toenails growing, damage nerves and waist pain. To remove these problems, you should choose high heels for no more than 3 inches (7.6 cm) .4. Shoes put pressure on the territorial area of this girl without harmless. They can hurt their knees and back because the shoe soles do not have a rack, put pressure on the muscle. To overcome, you should buy orthopedic pads to fix the foot of the foot
5. Too light and soft jogging shoes can cause traumators to run comfortably and gently so many users to go daily. But they can harm the foot when they collide because they are too plastic and soft. To limit muscle tension, you should use both hard bottom sports shoes.6. Platform shoes make Platform heels not flexible and have very hard base. Our feet need soft shoes, bend in the feet shape. Rigid platform shoe, making your feet hurt, especially heels. Therefore, it is better to don't go this shoe regularly.

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