6-year-old Girl Was Pierced By Nails But Did Not Dare To Tell Her Parents, The Truth Behind Made Us Ponderable

Accidentally crashed through his chest, but this baby was silent, did not dare to tell their parents for fear of being scolded. Every parents wanted their children to be smart, talented, obedient and hospitably. However, when I find my child too sensitive or too heard, you may be blaming yourself because of all your requirements, your rules have ruined my personality. Chongqing, China followed a father to work as a construction site. In order for his father to take leave soon, Xiaoqin actively helped Dad daughter cleans the device but unfortunately had a nail to the chest

. Xiaoqin was very painful, fearful. I tried to endure the pain and didn't dare to tell my parents. I'm afraid your parents scold you uneven, not careful
In the night, Xiaoqin painfully, tears fell non-stop until my mother discovered the incident. After going to an emergency hospital, the doctor said the stainless steel tree was only 2.6 cm away from his heart, stabbed the liver girl's. If your baby is not acquired promptly, I will not save your child's life. Xiaoqin's story makes all parents still quietly. But behind a child who is too obedient is the parents make mistakes in teaching children. Behind a child savings, the parents or blamed Conxiaoqin did not dare to tell their parents that she was hurt. It was because she was afraid of being scolded by her parents, afraid of blaming. It is not difficult to imagine that in life, when a child does something wrong, a scolding of parents can be deeply hurt. Especially with sensitive children, when he was scolded by his parents, he will become interior, afraid to talk to his parents for fear of being blamed by their parents
Behind a child knew what, were parents or crying with children from small was very good and knew. It is not your will that you see your parents strenuous, or complain, complain and children don't want their parents to ask for more. This child is more grown than the age. But these children are often easy to feel selfish, stubborn and extreme personality.3. Behind a child obediently, there are parents too strictly some parents are too strict with their children, looking forward to the son of Dragon, the Son of the Phoenix, looking forward to a good, good learning, greating a good job, Married. Because of the expectation in the children that parents have set strict requests for their children and doing strict ways to educate them from when they are small. The sensitivity of the child is probably due to Baby understands that parents do everything only for their own benefits. Therefore, children have no other way to compromise and endure. Under long-term high pressure, children will become increasingly sensitive, the personality becomes increasingly stubborn, refuses to listen to the words.

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