6 Youtube Channels With You Nourish ‘fun Seeds’

6 YouTube channels with you nurturing 'fun seeds' these days, most of us see the world moving through the digital screen. So choose a beautiful world, or bustle or quiet under the prism of the following 6 YouTuber. In an uneasy era due to disease, keeping and absorbing a positive energy is essential. 6 faces Youtuber below bring 6 different colors. But all stopped in a common point: Have fun

. Follow them will make you realize that: Enjoy someone's memories through movies, to some extent, will heal your mind.Her 86m2 - Lost in the village life you love Cottagecore style, YouTube channel HER 86M2 will be a great "hide" for you. This is the YouTube channel that records the western thong journey of Thuy Dao with a small family, including her husband, daughter and a cat
56 videos, 56 films of nature, small gardens, green lifestyle, cleaning house, cooking and family moments. Being made in photography, beautiful and artistic scenes are what you can expect in Her 86m2.Jusuf - European travel with you Jasmin, you find how to love yourself, dark lifestyle Simple and memories of a young age. Jasmin's friend recorded a daily life of an Irish teenager, at dynamic and in boredom, but in some way, it spreads positively to viewers. Following Jasmin's foot through a digital screen, you can go to the lands full of blue, trains and many bustling cities. In addition, because Jasmin often shares music playlists in the description section, you can discover a new music taste for me.Nae - Where to stop for art believers has an interesting fact that Nae is Jasmin's sister and who stood behind beautiful movies in Jusuf. However, Nae's YouTube channel still carries its own mark. As a young artist, Nae's YouTube channel is unicorns to the gallery, exhibition area, an outdoor sketch area, the journaling bullet journaling full of leaves. If you want to understand more about art at the moment, Nae is the YouTube channel you should visit
Nanyangsop - "Little Forest" version of VlognyangSoop is the Little Forest movie (small forest) Daily-Vlog, recorded Live of a young girl in the Korean countryside. In most videos, Nyangsoop never reveals the face, somewhere makes the viewer focus more on the scene and sound background. The owner of the channel is a person who likes cooking, cleaning and talented in paintings, it will not be difficult to understand if you find the kitchen inspiration from Nyangsoop.Haruday - the same Korean Korean Korean couple is the "catch Hands "of a Korean - French couple but currently living in the United States. Like Jusuf or Nae, Haruday is a story about a young age. Each of their rights, every new neighborhood or even every day can be portrayed in Haruday.Wegein videos - the two international students in KoreaWeine is the YouTube channel of the two girls and Ma, Vietnam international students in Korea. The content of videos doesn't discuss anything big, just a daily life alternating the outings. However, between other Vlogs, Wegein is still a remarkable option thanks to the witty content, My and MA and a little interesting content when watching the video edit of the two girls.

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