7 Changes Deserve To Wait At The ‘super Product’ Iphone 13

iPhone 13 is expected to debut on the 3rd week of September and hereinafter of 7 changes worth waiting for synthesis from technology sites.1. The A15 Bioniciphone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro MAX is the fastest smartphone in the world, but iPhone 13 is equipped with a bionic A15 chip that will also bring better performance.Chip A15 Bionic is also based on 5nm process Similar to A14 Bionic, provides higher speeds and better effects as well as graphics improvement. "Rabbit ears" are smaller than completely eliminated from iPhone x in 2017, but iPhone 13 is given to have a smaller rabbit ear than iPhone 12

.With this change, users will have a more screen area and Experience more seamless design. Apple will move the iPhone 13 speakers and shrink some sensors of Face ID.3
Upgrade Camera for iPhone 13 PrePhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro MAX will provide super wide camera to be upgraded with autofocus. Earlier, the iPhone 12 Pro models only had a fixed focal lens. The super wide angle glass on the new iPhone would be a 6p lens instead of 5p, bringing a brighter image and less deformation. The new iPhone duo can be upgraded to a larger main sensor with 1.9um pixels, helping in weak lighting conditions.4. iPhone 13 will be able to connect 5g faster thaniPhone 12 is not the fastest 5g phones, so Apple will upgrade to iPhone 13 with a new modem from Qualcomm.Modem Snapdragon X60 equipped for iPhone 2021 capable Summary of 5G data from both MMWave bands and under 6GHz simultaneously. Therefore, iPhone 13 will achieve the optimal combination between high-speed network coverage and low latency.5
Video recording portraits and astronomical photography Leaking information indicates that iPhone 13 will provide new astronomical capabilities, users can take beautiful photos of the moon without a tripod. , iPhone 13 can also record videos in portrait mode, add bokeh effect to the background when filming. iOS 15 added portrait mode effect into facetime calls so the addition of them to the following cameras is irrelevant.6. The screen is always on - Always OnApple is given the screen that is always on iPhone 13 similar to Apple Watch Series 6. iPhone 13 users will be able to quickly check the time, battery life and announcements at a glance . However, this feature can be limited to iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro MAX if they provide a speed refresh rate of 120HZ.7. The Promotion 120Hz screen has the ability, Apple can provide a screen with a 120Hz refresh speed on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro MAX using LTPO technology. The screen can reduce the 120Hz refresh rate to 1Hz, save power, similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Large benefits of the 120Hz screen are allowing rolls, watching movies, smoother gaming. However, Apple will have to focus on working with developers to launch new compatible features. If doing this well, the iPhone will be more prominent than Samsung phones and Android phones "For Player "Other.

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