7 Cheap Dishes Contain Excess Collagen, Repel The Speed Of Aging To 10 Years, Sisters Should Know

Collagen is known as an active ingredient to push back aging, especially well with the female body. So, please add 7 dishes to contain the outstanding collagen below to be uneasy, instead of 00: 00/4: 19 What does the NAMCOLLAGEN have a function for the human body? Collagen has a built function Build bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Other sets such as blood vessels, corneas and teeth also have collagen. You can shape dungcollage as a glue, keep all tissue tissue stick together. In Greek, Collagen is called Kólla, meaning the adhesive

. When the older the age, the amount of cavillagen is produced as little and the quality also decreases. In particular, signs that help you easily identify are less firm and wrinkled, cartilage is also weakened by time.7 foods to help supplement superior natural collagen1
Chicken eggs are containing nutrients to push Sinhcollagen as vitamin B, E, amino acids and sulfur. Whitiness has a large number of proteins, one of the amino acids needed for productionCollagen. Eat is the easiest way to add collagen. Include both health and physique and skin, you should eat every day 1 chicken egg. You can eat boiled eggs, blanched, eggs la.2. Soybean milk is considered to be the most rich in collagen food, especially very good for women's health and skin. Geniste in soybeans have functions in contributing to the production of collagen and anti-aging skin effectively. Soybeans are very good for women and can be considered as effective solutions to treat social disorder symptoms Female elements, menopause because soybeans are a high nutritional value of food, rich in isoflavones, protein, unsaturated fats, vitamin, minerals, complex carbohydrates and fiber. You should create a habit of eating lots of soy every day so that the body produces collagen, will help you fight the skin to effectively and have beautiful and healthy skin
There is no number of notes that you have Fibers in particular breasts should limit the use of soybean preparations, but also add hormones or activate the body to produce more estrogen, make it up.3. Garlic has a lot of sisters unexpected that garlic provides collagen? Yes, garlic is not only a commonly used spice in the world but it is also a tonic in the eastern medicine and is a food that contains a lot of collagen that we need to add every day. In garlic contains Sulfur, alpha-lipoic and taurine acids - The substances that increase the ability to produce large quantities of collagen are extremely effective. So don't forget to supplement good collagen foods for this cheap leather daily. Tomators are lyrics that contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This substance also stimulates collagen synthesis. So daily sisters don't forget dishes from tomatoes such as tomato salad, tomato juice, or fried green vegetables with tomatoes! 5. Pork legs, pigs, pig tube bones have shown that dishes with legs, pigs or soup soups from the tube bone are the most abundant collagen supplies. By collagen is the main ingredient of the skin, bones, tendons, cartilage and vasculars. The legs, pigs and bone dishes are how to increase the amount of collagen for the body in the most natural way, besides the items This eating has nutrients that help moisture, brighten and firm extremely good skin. However, you should note that if you eat too many of these items you will get that obesity gain, so a week for 1 week is full of nutrients! 6. Types of fruit rich vitamin CVitamin C not only help strengthen the immune system but also have an extremely important role as an intermediary in the production, regeneration and protection of natural collagen. You should add the The fruit is rich in typical daily vitamin C such as: orange, pomelo, precious, lemon, strawberry, ... Besides, vegetables rich in vitamin C should also eat it is bell peppers.7. Green Vegetables Our country is known to own a lot of healthy green vegetables that are even considered as a pharmaceutical spirit that is surprisingly cheap. The green contains compounds to help prevent collagen decomposition soon. All types of green vegetables contain chlorophyll - The substance is capable of increasing the amazing amount of procollagen in the skin, besides this substance also creates an invisible layer to our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays And prevent the formation of free radicals causing skin aging problems. Good and beautiful

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