7 Cities With The Coldest Winter In The World

From Russia to the United States there are cities with the coldest winter in the world, many places where the temperature can be low to -60 ° F.1. Astana, Kazakhstanastana is a modern city with sparkling mosque and countless shopping and entertainment centers. Although the summer months are very warm but the winter in Astana stretches, dry and especially very cold. The lowest temperature has been recorded is -61 ° F

. Most years, the river of the city are still frozen from mid-November to early April 4.2. International Falls, Minnesota, the United States is often called "national ice boxes" and with a record low temperature of -55 ° F and the average seasonal snowfall is 71
6 inches (~ 181.86 cm). International Falls has many days of temperature below the freezing level. It is most known to be the route across the Canadian border, the gateway to go into the nearby Voyageurs National Park.3. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. This city has experienced harsh seasons with the highest temperature in the summer of 102 ° F, the lowest temperature in the winter is -44 ° F. Ulaanbaatar is proud to be a rich cultural attractions from Tibetan Buddhist temples to attractive modern art galleries.4. Barrow, United StatesBarrow is the city located in the North Pole of the United States
It has the lowest average temperature in all cities of Alaska, clouds covering regularly and extremely strong winds up to 60 miles per hour, the record low temperature is -56 ° F. However, Barrow still attracts a large number of tourists because it has a rich informal culture along with the beauty of the surrounding patterns and is looking at the north.5. YellowKnife, Canadatrong No. 100 Canadian cities Yellowknife is rated as cold-round city, with the coldest winter, the most extreme weather and the longest snow season. The record low temperature is -60 ° F and especially it is also proud to be the most sunny place in Canada. YellowKnife is a place for adventurers, providing activities from midnight hiking to riding dogs, skiing and watching lights in the North 6. Norilsk, Norilsk City Norilsk City is the accommodation of more than 100,000 people and is one of the only three major cities located in the permanu. It has the average annual average temperature compared to any big city, the lowest temperature season up to -63 ° F.Norilsk has a museum, has an art gallery and is one of the churches Islam is located in the northernmost world. But because the mining industry has made it one of the most polluted places on earth. The city was closed with foreigners since 2001.7. Yakutsk, right having the average monthly temperature is -41 ° F, Yakutsk is said to be the coolest biggest city in the world. Attractions such as Permafrost Kingdom Tape Museum, Christian Market and the National Museum of Art of the Republic of Sakha have made this city an ideal destination for those who are not afraid of cold weather.Theo Anh Ngoc / Petrotimes

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