7 Daily Habits Good But Dry Skin

0:00 / 2: 09 nam7 nam7 daily habits good but dry skin looking for suitable beauty products is an essential step in skin care mode but the breaking of the habits make the skin lost Water is equally important. Drinking too much water seems to be opposite, drinking too much water can actually harm your skin. Although keeping enough water is important for overall health, too much water will cause your body to lose the essential minerals, making the skin look lack of vitality and dull colors. Illustration. Long hot water can be a great way to relax after a long day but it really causes stress for your skin

. Hot water removes oil and moisture needed so that skin is always stretched, full of vitality. The longer bathing, the skin is dry. It will be safer when bathing in a short time, using lighter soap to not damage your skin protection barrier
Illustrated. When using moisturizer at optimal times can help you reap all its benefits. Instead of drying the face and applying the cream, apply the cream when the skin is moist. This will help lock the skin and supply the skin much better than you apply the product to the skin completely dry skin. Korean women usually apply moisturizer in just 3 seconds after washing your face. Illustration. Do not carry all sleeping sockets when going to bed can help you sleep better, prevent fire-fighting and prevent unpleasant heels. Apply ice cream and go all can reduce the risk of waking up with dry skin in heels. Illustration. Illustration
Facial skin with a towel with strong cotton towels can dry and irritate sensitive skin Red, itchy. To avoid extra irritation, let the skin drive yourself. The illustration of too many eggs is an abundant supply of protein but they can cause skin dry when eating too much. Eggs contain many vitamin A, too much eating can negatively affect your skin. You don't need to completely give up this dish, just make sure to eat no more than 3 eggs every day. Use the wrong cream Moisture If you feel moisturizer almost doesn't work for your skin, it can be too light for your skin. If your skin is oil skin, water-based moisturizer will best suit you, and sensitive skin will benefit from ice creams with soothing ingredients. Using the product suitable for the skin can help prevent water from evaporating from the skin too quickly and keeps the skin hydrated longer. Linh (according to Brightside)

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