7 Days To Experience Thai Ocean Medicine Shampoo 7 Plus Before Fans

If you are looking for a traditional herbal shampoo but have a modern aroma of salon standards, hair care is softer than the rush oil does not fade in color ..., Thai Duong 7 plus is an expensive choice. / 5: 49 The southern region of the sister recently shared the tips of dandruff treatment, treating hair loss and weak hair drying "only in a step" on social networks

. MC Mai Phuong, Ngoc Female ..
also showing off the secret of summer without using the air conditioner and damage the hair, only the Thai Ocean Medicine shampoo 7 plus "more beautiful than the air conditioner" is enough to make hair soft and clean deep . Really about this shampoo, really "the top of the tip" as rumor or not, please listen to my sisters assess! Feeling visually: Turn on the lid, smell the new aroma Title (weak hair, or falling, dandruff), industrial shampoo is hair shorn with water pipeline, so Linh (23 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) prefer to use benign medicinal shampoo. Their advantages are benign, distinct hair reduction, but Linh with the characteristic personality of the 9x generation really does not like the odor of the Bodhan, the classic lemon lemongrass of the mothers king to the hair. Test the Thai Ocean Medicine Shampoo 7 plus she "shocked immediately" in front of the attractive and modern aroma of a new shampoo. "Actually, I used the 3.7 temporal shampoo, clean and clean , Hair is healthy but I don't like the scent of grass, so I'm sorry forever. Now that 7 plus Thai Duong medication shampoo is considered to be satisfied. Hand shampoo pumps have a typical brown cockroach of herbs (bodhires), but the aroma is not poorly expensive in the salon. This aroma creates a feeling of relaxation after a long day of stress working, especially for a long time on the hair ", the spirit shares. Tight shampoo: Soft hair is so soft that
.. 'Death' weak and weak oil Laughty is also a status of her hair (31 years old, Hanoi) before, a fascinating believer, every Tet also goes to salon. In the consciousness of this office woman, bought was to buy both couple oil combo, both shampoo and discharge rescue for dry hair. But sometimes, how much it is worth how much effect is worth it, only see your hair more quickly. Especially just in the summer, the scalp poured oil, every day must be shampooing, the more shampoo is dry again. "This situation lasts for many years, until he changed to Thai Duong 7 medicine shampoo Add. For the first time, her oil hair kept clean for 3 days to shampoo. And even though only shampoo, do not use air conditioner, your hair is still soft, "Ms. Tu said. First test, Ngoc Anh (25 years old, Hai Phong) also unexpectedly before the ability to nourish smoother Of Thai Duong 7 plus. The hair was washed, and was wet and tangled, but slipping his hand into the claws without his fingers and fibers. Dry, soft hair and put it like a half-hour compost. With an industrial oil shampoo like Ngoc Anh, many chemicals with foam cleaners such as washing powder, when changing to Thai Duong 7 plus will see very clearly the difference. Thuong Ngoc Anh, common oil incubation only Creating a feeling of "fake soft", proof is that if the next time shampoo does not discharge, the hair shows the raw. If you use a lot of discharge, it is easy to cause dandruff, itching, so manufacturers encourage only hair tops, not apply to the scalp. Song with Thai Ocean Medicine Shampoo 7 plus, completely different effects, hair is increasingly soft without rabbing itching. This difference comes from a combined formula to 7 pharmaceuticals, combined with nanotechnology in The refractive index, the nutrient covers each hair fiber. Boxing and betel nuts are 2 herbs smooth and smooth and soft hair. Mulberry treated hair loss and stimulating hair growth, suitable for both hair stroke, also shed loss. In addition, shampoo has a refractive index of Huong Nhu, Penteculated grass, nudity, diameters to clean deep, keep the scalp "inviolable" in front of dandruff, mushrooms, bacteria born due to summer sweat . Long-term use: Holding hair color unexpectedly dyed medicinal shampoo to treat medical problems about hair and scalp, but private severe 7 plus can be used for smooth hair care and restoration Weak hair and especially keep hair dyed. With the component table completely extracted from benign nature, do not contain strong cleansing chemicals, beautiful hair color after many months using shampoo. On packaging, the manufacturer recommends apply the shampoo process 2 Standard Salon Steps. For the first time, taking about 3-5 ml of oil pouring skin, rubbing all over her hair. Then rinse with water. The 2nd time washed with only 3ml of oil to keep her hair deep deep, clean and cleaner. Despite shampooing twice, dirty dandruff drift, Ha Lai (29 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said the hair color "brown cafe" did not fade, not on a brighter tone like conventional shampoo. Blue coal, Minh Tri (23 years old, Hanoi) must accept hair removal, causing hair and dryly weakened the shampoo. Until 7 plus Thailand, the mind found a "trickery" shampoo for dyed hair. However, he suggested that serious damaged hair-dyed hair had a long-term shampoo to feel the effect of nurturing healthy hair from inside

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