7 Delicious Dishes Can Not Miss When Arriving In Ca Mau

Ca Mau nasal land not only has Melaleuca forests, immensely married, rivers and creeks all over the place, but also famous for countless delicacies, passionate, passengers.0 of the world: 00/3: 26 namling U Minh fish sauce: This dish is a specialty treasure from affordable to rare, is the talent combination of cuisine with dozens of raw materials: Chunky fish sauce, snakehead fish, eel, shrimp, crabs, crabs Cotton ... When enjoying, diners will serve with a number of typical vegetables of the river region: Bitter vegetables, guns, corn, spinach

... the strong flavor of hotpot of freshness The ingredients will make you remember after once enjoying
Photo: Tepbac.Com Baked Trui: mention Ca Mau specialties, cannot ignore grilled snakehead fish - Famous delicacies of Western River Region. Snaking fish after arresting the clay surrounding and baked in the stove, until the scent of fragrance was for the disc. This dish is most delicious when baked ripe, white beachfish broke from the scales, the rice paper, vegetables including banana, bitter vegetables, lettuce, leaves ... dotting a cup If you are ready, diners will feel a special taste, it is difficult to find in any other dish. Photo: Sieungon.com Spicy range: Rewind wheels are also called silkworms, shaped by cake with silkworms. Each batch of cakes must undergo a variety of preliminary processing and processing such as choosing rice, grinding into powder, lakes, fiber cars
.. After finishing the cake, the chef will add other materials such as flesh, meat Grill, curry or tofu to adorn the flavor to the dish. The sweetness and a little spicy where the tongue head of the tongue or chicken will stimulate the maximum taste. Photo: Camautourism Puppy: This dish is placed in Ca Mau specialty. Being bees after cleaning for the island together with aromatic and spices including delicious fish sauce, pepper, sugar. Real fiber bananas are very pieces, washing through vinegar phase and then squeeze, mix with bee pupae. Being sheeps with herbs and roasted peanuts make up the sweet and fatal sour taste of harmoniousness. Photo: dacsan4u.comcua Ca Mau: This famous crab dish is not only because of firm meat, delicious tiles but also by the sea flavor of the land. Exports to Korea, China, Ca Mau crab has low fat content, high protein, abundant minerals and vitamins. There are 2 main crab types: meat crabs and brick crabs. Crab meat is strong, heavy, strong, fragrant and sweet when processing. Meanwhile, crabs are attractive thanks to the fat taste of the golden tiles inside. Ca Mau crabs are processed into various dishes: Rang Me, Ca Mau crab hotpot, salt roasted crabs, boiled crabs, steamed salt, steamed crabs ... Photo: Thamhibmekong.comCa Hieu: This type of fish is priced High nutritional treatment, fish meat without delicious rods, not fishing ... can be processed in many ways: baking salt chili, pepper, cooking sour hotpot, fried, drying ... in it, baked fish Trui is a delicious, rustic dish that is easy to process. Dry straps are also the famous specialty of Ca Mau. Dried fried or grilled still retains the delicious flavor of fish, often sought by visitors when visiting Ca Mau. Photo: Canghaisan.com Egg ink eggs: This is a dish associated with the people of the nose. This dish is processed quite well. Yellow fried eggs like cinnamon rolls. It doesn't cut small pieces like fingers, eat with herbs and rice paper, afish fish sauce or lemon pepper. When eating, diners will feel the taste of the squid eggs, a little toughness of the rice paper blends with sweet and raw vegetables and vegetables. Photo: Blog.aslocal.vn

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