7 Extremely Fast Makeup Tips, Help Her Beautiful Throughout The Day

You want to be beautiful, radiant all day long, follow the makeup tips below! 0:00 / 2: 27 nam1. Oil absorbing before a makeup is a common mistake that the ladies often have to apply the chalk on the skin. This is muddy because this can make the face unevenly color and makeup layers will accumulate oil! Better way to eliminate oil shadows is to lighten excess oil or oil absorbent paper. Avoid rubbing skin to avoid floating cream and concealer cream. After that, lighten light or pat a thin chalk on the skin of a lot of oil on the face

.2. Apply a little moisturizer when reapply the skin concealer will be hungry, peeling and wrinkles. To avoid this situation, take a small amount of moisturizer on dry or uneven skin on the face
Wait for the cream to penetrate the skin before applying the concealer to the imperfect skin areas, just covering it if necessary. Use mineral sprays whether you can apply moisturizer to small areas on the face, but apply moisturizer to the entire face is not the best idea. If there is a dry skin you should only spray a slight mineral spray on your face to provide water and restore skin all day. Mineral spray will not affect the makeup but help your face look fresh and avoid sticking when reapply.4. Using ice cream cosmetics whether it is concealer, pink cheeks, highlighter or bronzer, cream products are always a suitable choice! Cream cosmetics are easier to driber than powder and liquid cosmetics when multi-layer makeup at noon.5. Using multi-functional cosmetics Pink, eyeshadow and ice cream lipsticks are usually fast. To always be beautiful throughout the day, use multi-purpose cosmetics.6
Removing the lipstick inside the lips before reapply Sonon lips can be replicated easily, liquid lipstick and bold color lipstick are harder. Instead of applying a new lipstick to the old lipstick, it is better to remove the makeup to avoid dry and peeling lips. If you feel too complicated, use a feeding paper to remove the lipstick inside the lips before applying An thin layer of lipstick on her lips and canopy in the lip contour.7. Using brush concealer and eraser page is an effective way to clean the eyeliner and mascara but it will blur the background ice cream, concealer and eyeshadow. Instead, use a concealer brush. Sometted with a concealer with bleaching and gently sweeping through the skin on the face. Then use a clean concealer palm tree to gently remove peeled makeup. This will cost more effort but save time is to reappear the makeup layer around the eyes.Theo Ngoc Huyen / Emdep

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